Entrance Of The Blazinstones

Another of the Seven original Fathers was Khurgrom Blazinstone. Khurgrom was reknown for settling comflicts between races and peoples, but his downfall would be his attempt to make peace with the orcs and those of lesser intelligence. He resided in the Grey Mountains, and there the Blazinstone family prospered in the art of diplomacy and encouraged the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

Falin Blazinstone, Khurgrom's first born, chose to be a warrior and achieve great feats of glory. A fairly well-trained swordsman and capable leader, Falin chose to settle disputes with his sword rather than with words. A later attack upon this Kingdom by Orcs resulted in the death of both Khurgrom and Falin. Thorin I, from Durin's lineage, stepped in to keep their kingdom in order until Falin's children could one day handle it.

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