A Letter To Rasha

[ 95] Etienne: *a slip of cream notepaper, folded*
Wed Oct 14 22:22:08 2009
To: Rasha
Mlle Rasha Moncrieffe

Chere Rasha

A young lady by the name of Amelie D'Aubigne has applied
to join the Theatre and I would like to gladly place her
in your care. With your expertise, I am sure you will be
able to mentor her to greatest heights and groom her into
an actress of stunning ovation.

Do not forget, mademoiselle. What you have told me.

Acting is your life. Above nothing else.

I believe the young lady will be in good hands.

In two weeks' time, I will visit yourself and the young lady in
your boudoir.

Avec toute mon affection
Etienne d'Aquitaine

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