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About the Face of the Month
Face of the Month was a series of interviews that began their run in the Roleplaycrafts website in early 2001. It was the star project of Faya who ran the website. Later, FoTM became a regular entry in the Cry of Despair after 2004, again with Faya conducting the interviews, when RPCrafts went into downtime. Currently, FoTM is no longer handled by anyone and has remained in stasis until a dedicated member of the RP community would pick it up again.

From RoleplayCrafts, by Faya
The Face of the Month is a series of interviews conducted for a chosen roleplayer (not character) each month. The interview highlights and outlines major aspects of the player's views on Roleplaying as well as on his or her character and the creation of it.

Face of the Month 2001
April - Grishnakh
May - Graelynia
June - Desidio
July - Kuah
August - Dyaeni
September - Syriac
October - Corcinn
November - Shelaine
December - Fanelyn

Face of the Month 2002
January - Etayne
February - Celcia
March - Nimue
April - Vernese

Face of the Month 2004
January - Rowanne
January - Lyreth

Pairs of the Month 2004 Slated and ran as a Valentine's Day Feature for RPC.
All interviews were done with Roleplay in mind. RPC is not responsible for any future incidents happening between the pairs mentioned below.

  • Rowanne and Anmect
  • Amalia and Falennt
  • Amaia and Jhethen
  • Alinaryth and Miyaki
  • Gildeth and Shareed
  • Shaiel and Lyreth
  • Amalia and Rastan
  • Talaria and Ryoko
  • Ryoko and Kevyn
  • Shaiel and Keldar
  • Falennt and Rowanne
  • Carnak and Thirran

Face of the Month 2005 (ran in the Cry of Despair)
March - Carnak and Ryven

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