Falennt's Diary Of Updates

11 December 2015

A new scene is updated for the Eldestra plotline. And apologies first if you have the notifications set up for this wikidot as I'll be moving quite a fair bit of old logs back here - mostly to do with Falennt's storylines and some of the older RnF/SI stories I have participated in. It is a pity that some of the sites are no longer maintained and also I have lost a few passwords to the host sites after they decided to pull big changes on their payment plans.

Since it is December; happy holidays everyone, and have a great new year ahead. :)

25 September 2015

A couple of updates of the Eldestra plotline - Kaiyri and myself have been emailing back and forth with the roleplaying since we are both tied up with RL matters but hey, all for the story.

If you're interested in working on a scene with your characters and mine, feel free to email me at moc.liamtoh|neiras_tnnelaf#moc.liamtoh|neiras_tnnelaf and we can work out something based on any of the Realms of Despair's canon.

02 September 2015

I'm always charmed and happy whenever I chance upon roleplay logs from the Realms here and there on the interwebs. It must be the whole OCD nature of myself to keep all the good stuff in one place and there you have an interesting discussion in Happenstance Meetings between a couple of longstanding roleplayers in National Visions. (Although some parts of it did make me laugh out loud, I think - and got me to wondering about scripted and freeform roleplay arguments we used to engage in)

- Updated the Nation Leaders' information.

I do hope I will find some more vintage roleplay artifacts this coming weekend.

29 August 2015

If viruses can travel through internet cables, then they certainly did to Fanelyn and myself. But at any rate, we are both recovering and there's a couple of updates on the Blessings of Eldestra plotline as you can see in Roleplaying Logs.

I have found the lovely Kaiyri Fitael's blog at Misadventures of Kaiyri Fitael and transferred some of her roleplaying logs to fit into the Blessings plotline and I am sure the darling would not mind the renovation.

Trade efforts are starting to pick up well and that roleplay is going on on the Nations noteboard ne/ne/n from Darkhaven Square. I'll try to pick up trade portions that's important to our current plotlines but you may want to just read the notes to keep abreast.

Selwyn will be sailing soon with the Witch of Irrybis. Ahoy!

12 August 2015

It is almost five years since the last update I have completed here. Life's settled down a mild moment and I find the urge to wish to write stories again.

I will be updating on some of my characters that will be set in motion, along with Fanelyn/Kharis who's also back to play. If you're out there and interested, leave a note for either Selwyn or Aranvar for now or even to Falennt and we might get some interest going.

The next time I will be doing will be to update the characters' list and set up the next storyline we would like to do (And with you all out there too)

- Updated Nation Leaders

- Updated the Character List (And added some descriptions that I can still remember!)

- For memory's sake I was thinking if I could get lucky by googling an old roleplayer's name, and I found a lovely story written about her character and another. I do remember both well and they were brilliant at the height of their RP careers. You can read the story at Tales and Stories.

01 Jan - 02 Feb 2010

- Updated Nation Leaders

- Streamlined the Twilight Society section

- Something interesting by a person who does not 'write' but 'crafts' but this is the best little piece of text about the art of writing I have read.

//Writing and Sex…

'Sometimes I make a post, and it ends up followed with several emails asking me “why are you not a writer”, or “when is your book coming out”. In fact, I am a wanna be writer, or I used to be. I have several completed manuscripts, and even more incomplete. Truth be told I think they aren’t finished or published simply because I am “Too”. Too lazy for the repeated trips to try to find an agent, too sensitive for all the rejection from publishers because I don’t have an agent. I do get satisfaction from the blurbs on my blog that do get responses. That is enough for me, for now.

To me, good writing is like good sex.

While you are reading (and if you’re lucky while you’re WRITING it) you are so engrossed in it that the entire world around you disappears and all that is left are you and the words. You become ignorant to everything around you as the words stroke and evoke each of your senses. Each phrase, each stanza pulling you further and further in until you reach the end. When its over, if it was “good”, you sit back and as you lift your cigarette for that wonderful drag of satisfaction you secretly wish you could go back in for just a second longer, all the while knowing going back probably wouldn’t be the same. Completely satisfied, and left with the hope that the next time will be just as riveting, just as exciting, just as intense.

It really doesn’t matter WHERE you do it, it doesn’t even matter how long it lasts. What does matter, is that for the time you have it, it is the most enticing, emotional, stimulating experience it can be.

For all parties involved.//

Original Link - http://www.bunnycates.com/blog/2010/01/20/writing-and-sex/

15 - 18 October 2009
- Re-edited the Roleplaying Logs section. Looks spiffy now with storylines attached to all the logs.

- Updated the After Twilight Society section. Characters all come with little introductions now.

- Removed the Plot page, not need since we are abusing the Roleplaying Logs section to fill in the storylines.

- You can now use Nations News Bulletin as part of your IC roleplay information.

01 - 04 September 2009

- Nation Pages and Hometown Information updated

- Nations News Bulletin (IC) will be up shortly. This is a trial-project sponsored by the Cry of Despair and hopefully it will help NLs and Nations and supporting groups get a bit more organized. More information will be here on the wiki and on the National Visions / Unity of the Nations boards.

- Annale has done a /lot/ of work retrieving old Human Nation logs. Thank you.

25-30 August 2009

- Updated as many files as I could obtain from the Wayback Machine of Faya's RPCrafts. Managed to get hold of most of the old information.

- Some people passed me old Nation pages where I could grab information off it and archive.

- Romani helped a /lot/ in setting up the Nations pages.

- Found the old Dunedain website on Geocities. Transferred as many files as I could to the Wiki since Geocities is closing down for good.

- Found more old Nation pages on Geocities. Transferring as many files as I can.

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