Face of the Month - February, Celcia

We nabbed this pretty elf mage and she generously provided us with a horde of animated answers to our prodding questions. Meet one of the new roleplaying Faces of the Realms - Celcia!

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

I have been role playing for many years. I started with D and D, I was introduced by a friend at school.

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of? Why?

My favourite scene has been the day I got my mentor. It was a simple scene where I met the elven queen and was introduced to my mentor, but it was the scene that really introduced Celcia into the game.

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

I am not currently working on any plots. I am still trying to sort out Celcia's place in the world. I have inadvertently started a small plot with an emerald shard that was given to me and supposedly has great power. To get involved just look at my description and comment, or ask ooc what it is. If you think your character would know what it is.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Character development. Not just during play but before you start. You should set up a simple character sketch, who are your parents, where are you from, what is your history and why are you in Darkhaven, or where ever you call home. These do not have to be highly detailed, but it will give you some insight into your character and why they are who they are.

RPC : Part of your description mentions a magical pendant. What is it and what have been your experiences using an emoted/imaginary plot instead of an ingame or renamed one?

The pendant is a Seeking-stone, although I am working on a more magical sounding elven name. It is an artifact of great power that will grant what your heart desires most. It has helped because people see it and ask about it. But in the game it has caused me no end of trouble as people try and take it.

I find it easier to use emoted/imaginary items the re-named ones. I have been playing other games for so long where you don't have items, just something written on the back of your character sheet that I am use to it. It would be nice if you could have a real item, but I don't have any glory and don't know if I would spend it on something that I may loose or use during the course of the game. .

RPC : What is Celcia's background?

She was originally a farm girl, but was bored to death with that and wanted more. She had heard tales about great mages and what they do and knew that is what she wanted to be. So she packed up her belongings, said goodbye to her parents and headed off to Darkhaven in hopes of finding someone to teach her magic. She wants to be a great mage, one of legend.

RPC : How has the Elf Nation affected your roleplay?

It was them that got me involved in the "plots" of RoD. I met some very helpful people there and they worked with me to help set up what I wanted with my back ground. It was, also, several members of the Elven Nation that told me about RnF and helped me apply. .

RPC : Recently Celcia has joined RnF. Does she have anything special she hopes to accomplish in the castle?

One, she wants to be a great mage. She is certain that one day bards will be singing tail of her prowess with magic and adventures. Another thing she was hoping to accomplish was to find a home. She has been a little lonely as of late and just wants a place to call home.

RPC : Drow and Elven relations have been very strained lately. How does Celcia deal with drow or others who are not always friendly to elves?

The main thing she tries to do is be friendly. She is a very friendly person and likes to meet people. But if people continue to be rude she tries to leave she will talk to them and defend her position or that of her friends. If the person continues or starts to get violent, she tries to leave. If that is not an option she will defend herself by what ever means necessary.

RPC : What are your favorite rooms to RP in?

Right now I would have to say National Visions. I don?t know many places in the game yet and that is where I have met a lot of people. I am willing to go almost anyplace though and am interested in seeing new places.

RPC : Celcia is a mage. Magic can be a very powerful force. How do you maintain a balance between having powers and staying within the realms of logic?

At the moment it isn't an issue. Celcia is still a new mage and just coming into her power. Eventually she will become powerful but I will slowly develop that through role-play. And I think that people just need to realize the limitations of their characters. Personally I do not like 'super-powered' characters that no one can beat and even in my short time playing I have seen a few. It is a very sticky issue to deal with.

Unlike paper based role playing games, such as DnD, you have no way to say which character is the strongest, or do you have a third party to adjudicate over a confrontation to say who is the strongest. You can't use levels, really, because some people have low level characters that they have been playing for a very long time because they don?t want to level but still have power. I think that the two people just have to work it out and if you can't come to an agreement, then don't play together.

RPC : Is there anything interesting about Celcia that others may not know yet?

Not really, My background was kept simple but with direction so that I know in what way I want to develop her. She doesn?t have any dark secrets or anything, but who know what will happen in the future.

RPC : How did you choose Celcia's first and last name? Do you think names have an influence on how the character behaves or how others treat the character?

I got the name Celcia from an anime called Those that hunt elves. She was a mage-priestess and I liked that name. Her last name I developed using a Tolkien dictionary I have, but I forget what it was suppose to mean. I think names are very important. How seriously could you take a troll named Pinky? I think you should try and pick a name that suits the personality of your character or where you want it to go.

RPC : To what degree do you think Tolkien's influence affects elves on RoD? How about Celcia?

I see a very large Tolkien influence, from their appearance to the language and behavior. I am a big fan of Tolkien and my elf is somewhat based on the Tolkien elves, but not quite so haughty or aloof.

RPC : What made you able to visualize and describe what Celcia looks like? Any tips for anyone struggling with their character's description?

I didn't have that much of a problem visualizing what Celcia looked like because I borrow some of her description from the anime where I got the name but not really any of the personality. One think I would recommend on trying to write a description is start with a picture you like. It will get you started and as you develop your character you can change what you wear and look like. Or if you don't want to do that, start with the simple things and work your way down.

What colour is your hair, what style, long short? And then do eyes, complexion etc. And some may disagree, but I wouldn't make your description too long. It is hard to read a description that scrolls off the page. And lastly, don't write descriptions that 'force' the looking into an action - You look at a great monster and look away in horror. How do they know that your character will look away?

Also, as a pet peeve, what is which characters who have their faces covered by a cloak. Have your ever tried to wear a hood that covers your face and tried to do anything but walk on a flat floor? It would not be pretty easy to sneak up on these people as you can't see anything and your hearing is muffled.

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