Hail To The King

Broken Dreams

Hail to the King

(A small meeting between Chief and his personal dark messanger.)

Kuah looks up at the night sky, moving his hands to tie his war braids into
a thick mass behind his head.

Letch clears his throat as he enters the clearing.

Kuah says 'I heard you coming long ago, no need to… fear… sneaking up on me.'

Letch kneels before Kuah.
Letch says 'Forgive me lord, I was only being respectful.'

Kuah looks at Letch.
Kuah shakes his head, 'I have written a note of most importance, I desire you to
get it to King Anmect through normal means… without
any attention. We have to play this one with… care.

Letch moves to his feet, 'Why not just have me hand this letter to him?'

Kuah glares at Letch.
Kuah says 'I am not so sure of his… political view of our clans or any Olog'hain for
that matter. I understand your questions… but I do not care for them. You
know I pay you well.'

Letch nods towards Kuah.
Letch says 'I am ever loyal, lord. I just don't understand if we are to have normal
means for, well, just a message then why…'

Kuah pulls Letch to meet him face to face by his ears.
Kuah whispers to Letch 'My hands must be as free of this as can be! We are walking
very brittle ground, my dear dear loyal pet, would you have
my head, the HEAD OF YOUR CHIEF… hanging from the neck
of the dark lord for some bullshit misunderstanding?!'

Letch gulps and masks the pain as best he can.

Kuah throws Letch to the ground and then throws a rolled scroll next to him.

Letch slowly rubs the pain in his ears and slowly places the scroll in his pack.

Kuah says 'Wait… you must first sign it, and act as messanger for the full Council.'

Letch takes the scroll back out from his pack and slowly unrolls it careful not to
read the message itself. Taking a glowing quill from his pack as well he slowly
yet swiftly signs the letter.

Letch looks up while grabbing a hard piece of wax from his pack.
Letch pulls out many engraved and counterfit seals.

Kuah grins at Letch, 'I knew the council could count on you.'

Letch grins back at Kuah holding a small bit of wax to his lantern.
Letch says 'The seal of the T'Man Council will work, yes?'

Kuah nods.
Kuah says 'Once you have it sealed, make sure it gets to the king by way of DarkHaven.'
Kuah gives one last look at Letch and throws him a small bag of coins then starts walking
off into the trees.

Letch quickly grabs the coins.
Letch seals the scroll and with his blessed memory goes over its contents in his mind.

Hail and Salkare King Anmect!,
-From the Council of Olog'hai of T'Man-
It is no secret we once had dealings with the dark lord, Grishnakh.
His tricks came to pass when the Glar'kai and lord Kuah were so tricked
into defending him when the heruk deity Aphrael was wounded.
At first the council had voted to deal with Rowanne, feeling that
we would be better understood, but it was Kuah who made it clear
that it would be best for all, in both speed and in honesty if
we went to the throne.
This is not a notice of selling out what we know of the dark lord
to the highest bidder. Even if it could be seen as one and the
Olog'hai would not mind that tag. But it is more an act of
desperation out of a nation coming off the losing side of a long
war. We can tell you of who the dark lord deals with.
We can tell you of a TRUE weakness.
But only if you desire, in all that is fair, to repay the Olog'hai
with perhaps public praise from the throne or other means that
would raise the… stock of the Olog'hai in the eyes of the
masses. We trust in your wisdom. We have no want to go to
another who, well, would pay a higher bid.

Letch Ev'an, dark messanger of lord Kuah.

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