Half Troll

An intermingling (carried out in the darker lands of the
Realms) of Troll blood with that of Humans, the Half-Troll is
as deadly as it is hideous. Though considerably smaller than
full-blood Trolls, the Half-Troll often stands well over
eight feet in height and carries over three hundred pounds
on its heavily-muscled frame.

Owing in part to the black blood which courses through their
heavy veins, the heavily-scaled skin of the Half-Troll ranges
in color from a charcoal grey to a deep, blackish green.
Half-Trolls revel in the fright of their appearance, often
wearing their hair in battle-braids and emblazoning
themselves with brands and tattoos to accentuate the effect.
Though naturally of low wisdom, the race was sorcerously
imbued with a wicked intelligence and the ability to see
naturally in the darkness. Half-Trolls usually make poor pure
magic users, and suffer from an unusually low dexterity. Yet
their boundless energy and high intellect create one of the
most cunning physical beasts of the Realms. Half-Trolls are
immune to some poisons.

Half-Trolls may follow the ways of the following classes:
Augurer Barbarian Bladesinger Thief Vampire Warrior

Half-Trolls gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.90.

The Half-Troll Nation lies to the south deep within the
Southern Mountains.

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