Heruk Prize

(Kuah held in the prison of the Heruk, Bodileir holding an old note once written by Lord Kuah
promising the heruk of the coming death and… war.)

You hear Bodileir hrm.
Bodileir looks at Kuah.
Bodileir nods uncertainly toward you.

Kuah turns his head to see who has entered the hall.

Bodileir says 'enjoying your stay?'
Bodileir smirks.

Kuahu says 'Funny… heruk.'

Bodileir says 'Nadorhuan'

Kuah spits.

Bodileir says 'what a foolish move… '
Bodileir says 'Were it in my authority I would set you free,'
Bodileir says 'but alas, 'tis not.'
Bodileir shakes his head.
Bodileir mutters distractedly and shakes his head at you.

Kuah says 'I would rather die than set free by the… likes of you.'

Bodileir says 'Is that indeed so?'
Bodileir chuckles politely.
Bodileir says 'I'm afraid it has come to the point where that is not your call
to make.'

Kuah turns his head back to the wall.

Bodileir laughs.
Bodileir says 'What an amusing creature…'

Kuah clinches his hands in his bonds, 'Mock me… The Olog'hai will have revenge.'

Bodileir says 'I don't think so'
Bodileir looks at you.
Bodileir crouches down and pokes you in the ribs.
Bodileir snickers softly.

Kuah growls.

Bodileir says 'not so powerful now eh?'
Bodileir laughs.
Bodileir says 'It amuses me so, reading your note here. You sound so…
Bodileir thrusts the note in Kuah's face.

Kuah says 'So I underestimated the… heruk army.'
Kuah says 'Fool me once…'

Bodileir says 'Aye?'

Kuah says 'Do you not have something… to do?'

Bodileir says '…Yes.'
Bodileir says 'I doubt it is your place to tell me what to do, bonds or no

Kuah says 'I guess the heruk and the Olog'hai are not that… different.'
Kuah chuckles to himself.

Bodileir says 'I'm intruiged. Go on'

Kuah says 'You seem to find amusement in… showing your stance over me.'

Bodileir says 'It is more satisfaction than amusement'
Bodileir strolls around the room.
Bodileir glances at Kuah.

Bodileir leans against a pillar, flicking back his robes to reveal several
glittering vials.

Kuah says 'I've been spit on… poked… punched… slapped… this is no way to
treat a prize such as… the Lord of the Tribes… the Chief of
the Olog'hai.'

Bodileir glares coldly at Kuah.
Bodileir says 'You are no prize!'

Kuah whispers 'Or as I am known to the heruk… Son of Snakes.'

Bodileir sighs loudly.
Bodileir says 'I suppose you think you have been treated badly'

Kuah gathers what little strength and his voice echoes about the hall,
he speaks 'I am shamed to be a prize for the damn heruk! I am the jewel
they should treat with… respect. You do not poke the caged

Kuah seems to have used much of the little strength he had.

Bodileir says 'You are right….'
Bodileir says 'The caged viper is burned in it's place by the hand of magic.'
Bodileir says 'But nay, never poked.'
Bodileir chuckles politely.

Bodileir says 'I would try and return your dignity with a formal apology…'
Bodileir says 'But it would only be stripped of you upon a glance, in your position.'
Bodileir tips his cap to Kuah.
Bodileir says 'Namaarie Kuah.'

Kuah closes his eyes.

Bodileir says 'I will see thee again sometime, mayhap out of your bonds.'

Kuah says 'Do not wish for such a fate.'

Bodileir says 'Hah, there you go again…'
Bodileir starts walking out of the prison.
Bodileir says '…sounding so convincing'
Bodileir turns to look at Kuah.
Bodileir says 'This scenario is not unlike the letter you wrote.'
Bodileir says 'We shall have to see, eh?'

Bodileir waves goodbye to Kuah.
Bodileir walks away with a satisfied smile.

The sound of waves crashing against the coast can be heard in the distance.

Kuah whispers '…bastard.'

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