Hierarchy Of The Khazad Government

Generally the Thane/Athane is in charge of the maintenance and governing of the race. They hold final say over decisions and act as an elected monarch with included status of royalty, though the next in line to the throne does not follow bloodlines neccesarily.

A divinely selected being granted the blessing of foresight and transcendent thought. He/She is of an elder status and is used mainly as a mediating source for inner nation conflicts. He/She has power of authority granted by the Thane/Athane, but it is yet to be determined just how far reaching this power is.

Council of Elders
The Council consists of experienced dwarves who act as a group of advisors for the Thane/Athane as well as to the Dwarven nation at large. They also act as a democratic ruling counsel in the absence of the Thane/Athane.

The First works with the Thane/Athane and handles lesser jobs given out to them. He/She administers over the armies of the Khazad; including the Royal Guard, the Armies of the Khazad, the scouts, and even the Knights of the Khazad as their main function. In the absence of the Thane/Athane, they will act as regent.

In the absence of the Thane/Athane and the First, the Second acts as regent, similar to the First. The Second's main function is to create quests and assist the scouts with their duties as well as to assist in other minor forms of administrations.

Advisor is rather self-explanitory. He/she is chosen solely by the Thane/Athane for their benefit. The Advisor is meant to be the Thane/Athane's personal advisor, but may be required to offer counsel to others if asked.

Ambassadors are found in most every race. They talk with each other about certain politcal actions going on and help to organize friendships/treaties between races as well as have been known to help with peace talks during times of war.

The Chronicler serves as a historian of sorts. He/she maintains records of the many family lineages in the Dwarven race as well as keeps the logs of the Dwarven history as penned by the Gemstone family.

Captain of the Royal Guard
The Captain serves two purposes. The first and most important is their devotion to the Dwarven throne. Thane or Athane, the Captain follows the Royal Guard guidelines and is meant as a protector of the royal family. The Captain also trains new recruits for the Royal Guard and keeps an eye out for future prospects. The Captain answers only to the Athane/Thane or the First.

Royal Guards
The Royal Guards are the protectors of the royal family. Their devotion is to the Thane or Athane and they follow any guidelines set by the Captain of the Royal Guard.

The Warchief acts as chief over the Armies of the Khazad and answers to the Athane/Thane and the First only. It is their responsibility to train and organise the armies as well as to advise the First and the Ambassadors on treaties and matters of war.

Head Scout
The Head of the Scouts is in charge of training the respected Scouts of the Dwarves. He/she is chosen from the previous Scouts by the Thane/Athane and continues their Scouting profession along with their other duties. Administers over runs.

The Scouts are in charge of keeping tabs on events at Nations as well as keeping watch on the other races. They also work together to chart new lands for the benefit of quests and dwarven runs.

Knights of the Khazad
The Knights of the Khazad are few and far between. Only a handful have been chosen in the past, and most come directly from the Royal Guard. They hold and protect the honour of the Thane/Athane while setting a good example for fellow dwarves.

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