How To Join As A Contributor

If you are interested in helping the roleplaying community as an outreach member, this is the place to be. The rules are simple and the application process, even simpler.

You need to be a roleplayer, or have been participating in roleplaying in the Realms such as in the Nations, or in an Order with an established roleplaying group / section.

A vouch from another known roleplayer is necessary if you are a newcomer to Realms roleplaying.

Sign up on the wikidot site as a member. Once you are done with that, send a message to the Administrators of this wiki to accept you in as a contributing member.

And you're all done and you can start editing.

If you have a active roleplaying character or characters in the Realms, you are most welcome to create your own character pages and upload any important roleplaying logs you wish to archive here.

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