Ilena Starlight-DarkRaven

Ilena was born in the Burrows, Just north of the Shire. Her mother was a healer and her father was a bard. Ilena had one other sibling and he wasn't as adventurous as Ilena was. You would think that being a Hobbit that Ilena would be happy weeding the garden and listening to her Father's stories.

Wrong, Ilena began to train with an old sword that hung on the wall. Then, a halfling, that had been a fighter and seen the world, saw Ilena trying to swing that old sword. He went up to her and asked what she was doing. Ilena looked at him and said " I am going to become a fighter, I want to go to Darkhaven to the Academy and Join the Warrior's Guild, when I get old enough." Well the plan impressed this Halfling and he agreed to teach Ilena some basis fighting, as well as weaponry.

Well, Ilena's Father and Mother were not happy at all, that Ilena wanted to be a Warrior. They tried to talk her out of it and that was a big mistake, Ilena was as hardheaded as a Dwarf. Ilena slipped out one night and made her way to the south and east to Darkhaven. She fought and won all of her fights at the Academy and most of her fights after she graduated from the Academy.

When she got to the level that the warrior's guild was allowing to quest for them, Ilena applied as a recruit. Chengis gave her several tasks to complete. She managed to complete her first quest with no mishap. Chengis then gave her, her second quest, she managed to finish that quest as well. She knelt as Chengis tapped her on each shoulder, making her a Knight in the Guild of Warriors.

Since then, Ilena has become the Thain of the Halfling Nation. Ilena over saw the mentoring council for more than a year and a half. Selina was made Guild Mistress, Chantria was first and Asuvius was second. Under this leadership the Guild bloomed and became something to be proud of Asuvius left and Simone became guild second.

Then when Selina became Immortal, Chantria became Guild Mistress, Simone became Guild first and Thadius became guild second. Thadius has left Guild second and Ilena thought that she might have what it takes to become a good leader for the guild. Ilena consented to run for guild second and to her amazement she was elected. So here she stands working on The Symposium, a new guild second and trying to understand everyone all at once. Ilena will do her very best for the guild and it's members.

Remember that after more than 1900 years, Ilena can get a bit cranky. Ilena in her personal life met James DarkRaven and consented to be his wife. James went on a hazardous trip that took several years. When he came back, after some talk, they once again became husband and wife.

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