In The Beginning Of Khazad History

It is said that in the time of Iluvator, before all things were created, that he created Ea, the Earth. And also he formed in his mind the resolve to create companions for himself, to be called the Children. And it is further told that in their beginning, the Dwarves were made by Aule, the first hand of Iluvator, in the darkness of Middle-Earth; for so greatly did Aule desire the coming of the Children, to have learners to whom he could teach his lore and crafts, that he was unwilling to await the fulfillment of the designs of Iluvator. Aule made the Dwarves even as they still are, but fearing that he be found out, he wrought in secret.

Now Iluvator knew what was done, and in the very hour that Aule's work was done, he was pleased. And Aule began to instruct the Dwarves in the speech that he had devised for them. Yet Iluvator spoke to Aule and said to him: 'Why hast thou done this? Why dost thou attempt a thing which thou knowest is beyond thy power and authority?' Then Aule answered: 'I did not desire lordship. I desired things other than I am, to love and to teach them, so that they too might perceive the beauty of Ea that thou has made. And in my impatience I have fallen into folly. But what should I do now, so that thou be not angry with me forever?'

Then Aule took up a great hammer to smite the Dwarves; and he wept. But Iluvator had compassion upon Aule and his desire, because of his humility; and the Dwarves shrank from the hammer and were afraid, and they bowed down their heads and begged for mercy. And the voice of Iluvator said unto Aule: 'Thy offer is accepted even as it was made. Dost thou not see that these things have a life of their own, and speak with their own voices?'

Then Aule cast down his hammer and was glad, and he gave thanks to Iluvator, saying: 'May you bless my work and amend it!' But Iluvator said: 'In no way will I amend thy handiwork. But I will not suffer this; that these should come before the Firstborn Children of my own design, nor that thy impatience shall be awarded. They shall sleep now in the darkness under stone, and shall not come forth until the Firstborn have awakened upon the Earth; and until that time thou and they shall wait, though long it seem. But when the time comes you may awaken them, and they shall be to thee as children.'

Then Aule took the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves and laid them to rest in far-sundered places within Ea; and he returned to Iluvator, and waited while the long years lengthened.

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