Interview With Abalon

---- The Cry of Despair Feature Story ----

Interview with Abalon, Leader of the Human Nation

What does it Take to be a Leader of a whole nation in your opinion?

To be a leader, in my opinion requires vision, integrity and the ability to make desisions. furthermore, a leader also must have the ability to listen to his council, and act accordingly to their suggestions, he should not be swayed by the current vouge of thinking, but be able to desern the correct position for the nation.

2. What first attracted you to join the human nation?

Well I have been in the Human nation, ever since I came to Darkhaven. I was to start off with, just a member, whom came to the nations area to see events that happened there. I then joined the guild of rangers, and because friends with Lady Jesner, whom was the leader at that time proved my worth as a negotiator, and took the position of Ambassador to the nation This was fine for a while, then the leadership passed to Jago. I disagreed with Jago on a few fundimental points, and challenged him for the leadership, and you see me leader today.

3. How was the process from amassabor to human nation leader for you?
Did you ever feel threatened at any point by Jago or his followers?

Well, I at that point was the one whom took the brunt of the human
nation issues in any case, Jago in my opinion did not forfill the role
of a Leader, being both apathetic and non caring of the role, he did not
seek to reform his council, after those whom followed Lady Jesnar had
left he was not present for a lot of the issues that affected our race from
interaction with other races. Very seldom did he talk to me, I was still
at that point the Ambassador, twas then i made the decision that i could
do the job better. Jesnar and his views were that of a Monarchic state
wilst that works if you have a strong character at the head, it falls when
there is none. That is why the nation is now guided by a council, and I
form the role of head of that council and I feel it is going better.

4. What do the roles of the councils intail?

There are several key roles, there is a nation second, currently
Moonfire. He is there to guide me, and also lead the nation should I
be away, or unable to do so. There is an Ambassador, currently Jaem,
whom is the chief mediator on matters of inter-race dealings. Jarok is
my war chief, the head of the nations armies, and the controller of the
5 generals and soldiers of the forces in times of war. There is Octaviious
whom is the Captain of the Guard, a role of internal nation peace keeping.
Laurelle and her coven, whom guide me in matters spiritual. Last but
not least is Balmore, my scribe whom does the drafting of treaties and
such like.

5. Tell me a bit about Abalons life around his home.

Abalon is the son of a deadly male warrior and female druid. he was
born in the cursed lands in hiding, for a large battle of the opposing
clans of my father , and another was in process on the night of my birth,
so i am told, a mage from the opposide clan, saught out my father and a
battle ensued. The mage, being of great power, did slay my father, and
vented his wraith on my mother also, though I am sure she suffered before
he saw fit to kill her. I was, thankfully for me, taken in to the town of
innys haen, in the cursed lands, by the town healer, the mage being of
devout align, could not follow, so I was spared. Twas there that i did my
early growing. upon the age of my 18 th year, I was sent to Darkhaven, to
the acadamy where I did not fit in at all, and soon was shown to be the case,
as the mistress, The..well something, I forget her name, threw me out on
the streets, at the age of 19. I then joined a group of thieves and
vagabonds, where I was taught to fight with skill, well not the skill of
the armies, but the skill of cunning. From there I aged and scraped a
living fighting and drinking, untill I was of an age to join the guild.

6. Does Abalon have any plans for the Future of his nation?
Mabey marriage to a nation leader as a symbol of peace or
rage war on a hated foe?

I don't think I have marriage on my mind. well least not yet, I am
not sure I have met the right maid.
As far as the nation goes, I intend to rule in peace, but some wars cannot
be avoided, the situation in Nations is fractuous, and there are many whom
seek to oppose my lead in the fact that I am evil in my faith to that end,
the nation has armies of great strength, and would that there be those
whom seek to destroy what i have worked hard on will find the wrath of the
nation, but as we speak there are members of my coucil whom work to forge
treaties of peace with those whom have approched and made their intentions
known. There are not many whom I personally hate, though there are some
whom are getting that way

7. Are you able to share with us some going ons of the humans as of late?

well that matters at the moment are the signing of the treaties.
seems all nations have been forced into a picking of sides. there are those
whom would oppose Dalamar for his rule of the Elves, out of Baali
Micala has forged and alliance with the Half-elves and Dwarves.
there are many whom have approched the Human nation, I have to deside
there are many whom have approched the Human nation, I have to deside
what is best for the Nation, and at the moment I cannot say for I am
not fully decided myself. Well we currently move to strengthen the Nations,
and if it can be arranged this will involve sparing (ooc pkill *evil grin*)
there will be also quests for the whole nation, but these are to be decided

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