Name : Israfel Qirsi Elined
Origins : The Forests of Aylri
Current Status : High Mage; Elear of Irrybis

Description :
This elf male is dressed in a mixture of white, ivory and silver, presenting a sharp regality to his entire composure. He wears a long robe woven of thick brocade dyed white and intersewn with pale gold twelve-petaled lily insignia of his station as a chevalier.

Pauldrons crafted from strong yet light mithril-silver guards his shoulders, similar to the fluted bracers encasing his forearms that are decorated with markings of an ancient language.

A many-folded cloak woven of heavy damask surrounds his body, wrapping him like a shroud, the ends of the cloak coming to meet on his left shoulder, captured together by a fired silver clasp shaped like a large, curling feather. His long hair is tied up with a twisted white leather cord, strands of which falls down by the side of his temples, teasing his upswept, pointed ears.

The faint tint of shimmering gold in his hair adds an unearthly halo to his pallor, like a creature borne of the night and tempted like a moth burnt by the light of a candle. His eyes gleam beneath slips of white lashes with irises of frozen sky and pupils of indigo dye, like the glass eyes of a stuffed Siamese cat in a long-forgotten library of an ancient land.

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