An Open Letter To The Hobbits

[ 94] Israfel: An Open Letter to all Hobbits
Mon Aug 10 05:29:22 2009
To: Hobbits
- written with an elegant hand over thick light-brown paper -

To all Hobbits

I offer my condolences in lieu of the current situation happening with
your hometown. It is not easy to leave friends and family and a
place where you all have known for so long and forever. With the
re-appearance of your former Thain, I would believe that she would
regain your confidence in the safety of the Burrows.

If ever anyone of you may require to seek peace on the shores
of Irrybis, you would find myself or my Tari Annale approachable to
discuss this matter.

Signed, and Sealed
In Faith
Israfel Qirsi Elined
Elear of the Quendi

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