An Open Letter To The Khazad

[100] Israfel: An Open Letter to the Khazad
Wed Oct 21 00:37:52 2009
To: Stoneheft, Dwarves
Esteemed Prince Stoneheft, and Khazad brethren

The Quendi scouts have returned with news regarding the new crisis
spreading through the Realms. I am not sure how much your Highness
know regarding the Abyssal creature released by the gnomes due
to a magical mistake but currently, our scouts pinpointed the
creatures location to the Ruins of Tman, where the Ologhai
have suffered damages to their ranks.

Since Qetags Reach is in the vicinity of the Ruins, we do not know
if the creature has sentient goals to eradicate each and every
of the Thirteen Races. If its ambition proves to be true, do
take necessary precautions against its coming. It would appear as
the last thing it ate, be it mortal, beast or plant. Once it
ravages, it does not stop.

Elear Israfel Qirsi Elined
Advisor to Tari Annale

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