Seeking A Benefactor

[ 75] Israfel: One Reason I
Mon Aug 10 05:47:50 2009
To: Irae
The dimset streets of Irae still looked familiar as the white-clad
elf picked his way through the wet cobblestones.

It was raining earlier that day while he travelled towards the City
from Irrybis. His horse was not behaving that evening - the usually
even-tempered creature was snorting and pawing the ground restively
after every half-mile or so, refusing to continue down the path; and
upon reaching the City, he left her outside, with a trusted stable
boy he knew when he was formerly part of this place itself.

The walk towards the Corte was a slow one, Israfel took his time.
He was not anxious about what happened to hairy-footed hobbit
teenagers or the gnomes either; but if the creature decidingly to
turn upon the island of the Elves upon their current rebuilding state,
it was neight a positive thought.

That was sufficient reason to be here.

He knew for a very long time, Talisha had not returned and where
she'd be in her madness, he did not know, and he had no means to seek
her presence or know the path in which she departed upon.

Perhaps he might have some luck finding a person who would help him or
a willing aide, party or someone who has vested interest in learning a
bit more than what was usually taught.

There would usually be someone like that, perhaps.

He reached the steps of Valdislav and looked up, craning his neck
and arching pale eyebrows towards the looming balustrades of the
stone buildings.

There would be usually someone.

Like that.

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