Face of the Month - January, Lyreth

One of the newest roleplayers conceived in Realms is Lyreth. We look into what has brought this feisty drow into the realm of roleplay magic and will it keep him pinned and addicted for the rest of his character life.

RPC: What started you into roleplaying, and specifically here in the Realms.

Lyreth: Actually, it was a matter of circumstance. I was never too keen on leveling, so I ended up idling in the Drow hometown for reasons that I no longer remember, chatting with a few other Drow whose names elude me right now. Anyway, Veltheera showed up shortly thereafter and we ended up doing a scene, and that was my grand entrance into the land of Roleplay.

RPC: What is your preferred style of roleplay?

Lyreth: I really love totally random, unscripted roleplay. Just the kind of stuff that happens when you're sitting around and someone says 'Hey, you guys wanna RP?' and everybody puts on the IC tag and has fun. It's the kind of sessions where no one's got any huge Nation-moving plot or world-encompassing brilliant idea, just a way to pass time and show off some fancy strings of words. Oddly enough, they have a habit of spiraling into something grandiose and intricate, almost making you wonder if you really helped start it.

RPC: What are your latest plans in the realm of roleplay here?

Lyreth: Plans, plans, plans. Well, I don't really like to plan roleplay, to be honest - goes with the whole enjoyment of spontaniety thing. My biggest plan involved finishing up a few plots and clearing the IC board for me so I can get into something new.

RPC: When do you rp? How would you like other roleplayers to engage you in a plot/scene?

Lyreth: Whenever, though, generally in the late afternoon/early evening. I just seem to have more time available then. As for having people engage me in a scene… well, I honestly don't put too much emphasis on that, as long as it can be expanded. Doesn't matter if it involves a bit of a stretch, as long as it's not a one-liner that'll be forgotten two emotes after. If it sparks some conversation, perhaps interaction and lays the foundation for a relationship between the characters (doesn't matter if it's positive or negative), I couldn't ask for more. But I'd be satisfied with something that just doesn't kill the session.

RPC: What is the main thing you look for in what you consider as a good RP plot?

Lyreth: Interaction. If you just have a bunch of characters rushing to kill NPC Dragons, Ogres, Drow or some other villains (apologies for the genersa hoalizations), it's not really a plot, it's like combat training, only lamer. There can be hostility, friendship, anything, as long as it happens - it doesn't matter if you roleplay just sitting there, talking or contemplating, or anything at all. It's just so awful to see something with potential be turned into a boring, straight-out-of-the-box cliche.

RPC: Who are the most memorable characters your character/s ever engaged with in any RP plot here? Tell us about them.

Lyreth, egomaniac that he is, doesn't assume anyone to be memorable other than himself. But, honestly, I don't think I could narrow it down to just one. However, I've noticed that almost all the RPers I'm around are memorable (at least, to me) - mainly because, for the most part, they don't play a character that's inherently special - no half-God half-Dragon half-SomeOtherExtremelyPowerfulThing, just a standard, semi-average character. The thing that makes 'em memorable isn't the creative mix of demon and anthropomorphic fish, it's the way they're played - they're believeable almost to the point of seeming real. That explains the 'why' part, and the 'who' - everyone I RP with, really. The whole Drow gang - Veltheera, Kevlaris, Engela, etc. Definitely some of the most memorable characters I know.

RPC: What has been your favorite scene you have ever participated in, or not participated in but had read a log of? Why?

Lyreth: I don't really hang on to logs much (though that should change soon) and I never took up browsing through them very thoroughly, so I can only be an egotist and talk about scenes I've been in. My favourite for sentimental reasons has to be a series of logs with Amalia way back when we both first got into the whole roleplay thing - it was a lot of fun, and we touched on some interesting character development. More recently, there was one log with Shaiel that I'm proud of. Mainly because it's a clear demonstration of what a little unplanned roleplaying can turn into - a really powerful, intense session (at least that's the way it felt).

RPC: What do you think is the most important element of a good character or a good story?

Lyreth: The way it's played. As long as you stay within the limit of decency and true to your character and his/her relation to the plot (be it reactions, thoughts, etc.), everything works itself out. At least, that's the policy I go with.

RPC: What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Lyreth: Right now I'm working on two plots that managed to somehow intertwine - the inter-Nations one with Amalia, myself, and a whole slew of people I've no clue about, and a smaller one involving Shaiel, Keldar, a few others, and myself. Joining these is just the same as joining any other plot - either hope it randomly comes up in a session or just shoot a tell someone's way and we'll figure out a way to stick you in there.

RPC: What is the one adjective you would use to describe Lyreth? Why do you choose such an
adjective, and is there any example of a scene or a happening that describes such?

Lyreth: After some mildly careful consulting, I'd have to go with 'portentous', because it seems to describe Lyreth very well - trouble seems to follow him everywhere (wow, that's original) and he is a pretty pompous guy, superiority complex and all that. Yeah, portentous.

RPC: Due to some mishap in the IC world, Lyreth was changed to a drow named Lisette. Did the switch in rped gender roles pose any difficulty for you as a roleplayer?

Lyreth: Well, due to the way everything turned out, it's a lot easier than starting off as a female character - it's just the same Lyreth that I always play, only he's stuck in another body. It gives me the chance to play around ith stereotypes and satirize all you gals in general, so I'm having a good time, as always. A bit of a challenge on how to stay true to character all the while, but I think I'm dealing with it all right.

RPC: Forced emotes are often seen as a negative aspect of RP. What are your thoughts on 'forced emotes'? Your defination of it and possibly provide an example you can think of. Do you think such forced emotes bring about the fall of a plot or miraculously help to expand one?

Lyreth: Forced emotes are a real tricky issue, see. I mean, it's obvious that "I stab you in your stomach and watch the blood gush from the already festering wound" or something to that extent is unacceptable, but the whole thing raises an interesting issue - how does one go about use of IC force in non-combat situations? Is shoving someone to the ground a forced emote?

Personally, I think that, if used in moderation and with consent (just asking someone if you can apply a bit of force throughout the session would be enough, I think - asking at every other emote just breaks the mood), it can really spice up a scene and add something akin to a new dimension to it.

On the other hand, if you do something stupid like "Lyreth plunges his dagger deep into your back and watches with a smirk as you lose consciousness", you may ruin the session. I usually consider it OK if no weapons are used and there's no drastic change in the situation as a cause. Sorry about the exceedingly long answer, but it wasn't exactly a simple question.

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