Face of the Month - January, Rowanne

Elegance coupled with the silver and ebony of the Night, Rowanne is as mysterious as the veils of arcane sorcery she has crafted around herself. Let us take a look at the character who graces the re-opening of Faces of the Month.

RPC: What started you into roleplaying, and specifically here in the Realms.

Rowanne : I was always one of those avid readers who had to take a simple pass time like reading to a neurotic extreme. I’d get so attached to some characters and their stories but often found I had different ideas on how their stories should have been played out. Even as a child I had to ask myself, ‘But what if Sleeping Beauty’s Boy Toy had actually missed the mark on that beautiful cliff of thorns? Had he plummeted to his death instead of slaying the dragon wouldn’t that have made for the most tasty tragedy for Princess Aurora to endure. Beauty wasted, forever dormant within a tomb of glass, forbidden her heart’s desire….’ Hell yes.

So I guess in the very early days roleplay for me was more assuming the omnipotence to fantasize the manipulation of these favored storybook characters into darker, more melancholy twists of irony more to my fancy, which in retrospect often lead to the most interesting writing assignments at school. And letters to the parents from concerned teachers. But I digress.

Years later I was introduced to the hive mind that is the internet with its myriad of text worlds. It became thoroughly addictive to actually be able to slip inside the very skins of these beloved characters and play them out to an audience of more than just one. Having come from the monochromatic worlds of L.O.R.D. and chat room RP I remember when I first popped through the pre-auth veil into RoD. It really was much like being dropped into a living story book that had been blown wide open. Beautifully chaotic and scattered; so much color, so many names, and SO many possibilities..

RPC: What is your preferred style of roleplay?

Rowanne : From the heart, always. Be that free style, pre-planned or the numerous other styles that are argued about these days. Personally, I look to get lost in my characters and the characters they interact with. If you can see your world clearly through your character’s eyes it doesn’t really matter how you are most comfortable in conveying that world, so long as you convey it with enough integrity and sincerity that it ensnares me in your illusion as well.

RPC: What are your latest plans in the realm of roleplay here?

Rowanne : Gothic Utopia?

RPC: When do you rp? How would you like other roleplayers to engage you in a plot/scene?

Rowanne : As often as possible really. Real life does tend to get in the way of my impractical nature, but typically if I’m logged on it’s a good time to roleplay. The best way to pique my interest to join a scene/plot is to approach my character IC’ly and intrigue me to want more through the character interaction. Ideally, I prefer to be introduced into plots/scenes with as little OOC tediousness as possible. A basic outline is fine but as a rule I’m by far more interested with a character’s ability to seduce me into a story rather than the player’s explanation of how.

RPC: What is the main thing you look for in what you consider as a good RP plot?

Rowanne : I think the best plots are those that encourage character growth. I rarely find interest in the all encompassing epic battles between the ultimate good and evil carried out by pre-packaged masters of the universe. Corruption and kindness can and do come in the most unexpected packages, as can beauty truly be found within a beast. The most memorably extraordinary tales are usually those exemplified by the actions of the most unexpectedly ordinary characters.

RPC: Who are the most memorable characters your character/s ever engaged with in any RP plot here? Tell us about them.

Rowanne : After a nearly five-year obsession with a certain crusty necromancer sovereign the most memorable character by far would have to be Anmect. Rowanne came to him as an insecure, misplaced and misfit drow looking for a mentor in a craft she barely understood amidst a world she scarcely fit in. He took her under his wing and eventually into his heart. But much of who she is today is the direct result of the years she spent harboring a secreted obsession for her mentor that was forbidden to all outside eyes. In time she’d learn he had secreted his own desires for her and that’s when things got really interesting.

I think the most challenging aspects of that story were how much of it had to be told through innuendo and otherwise unassuming interaction. No great love scenes for them in the beginning because they had to at all costs maintain the façade of propriety amidst eyes that were always watching their king. Their romantic moments came through the guise of stolen moments alone while disemboweling dead queens and blood magic rituals. So, yeah, when you can turn ichor-covered hands guiding each other over a jar of viscera into the Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze wet clay scene in Ghost, you’ve got something really special going on.

RPC: What has been your favorite scene you have ever participated in, or not participated in but had read a log of? Why?

Rowanne : I do so adore the character Falennt. I have faithfully read all of his posted logs over the years and have grown all the more enamored with him as he’s developed. Just about any scene Falennt has been in I would have loved to have participated in some fashion or another. Well, okay, maybe not in the very most recent… but I’ll still read. <g>

RPC: What do you think is the most important element of a good character or a good story?

Rowanne : Faceted characters. The more faceted the character the more opportunity to expand the plot and thicken the story. I absolutely adore watching a character evolve. Be that the wide-eyed apprentice who through arduous determination and patience becomes an eloquent mastery of magick or a shy lanky drow girl who grows up to be a queen, a good plot is one that showcases the diversities of a character as that character evolves within the story’s plot line.

RPC: What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Rowanne : Currently, the plot involving the destruction and resurrection of the lands of Lo’Kier is still in progress and we’re working on getting a concise timeline of events and pertaining logs up for viewing. Anyone is welcome to join and the best advice on that would be catch yourself up on what’s going on and where we’re at through the postings, bring your best IC outfit, and hop on in with emote buffers cocked and loaded.

RPC: Rowanne has been a keystone figure for many in the Rol Na Feinne and the roleplay world during her time of reign, how can you describe the change in her character in a few important stages?

Rowanne : She’s evolved a lot through her time in RnF. She’s had to learn the fine line between duty and desire, and on more than a few occasions has learned the hard way it’s better to foster a placid smile than an acerbic tongue. All in all, her time there has taught her patience and temperance, and in her aging years she’s found a rather welcomed tranquility in just being at the side of her husband, not just her king.

RPC: How did you manage to unite Rowanne's 'drow status' in her whois with what you have been roleplaying her else? Have you ever experienced any difficulty posed by this restraint?

Rowanne : LOL… that’s still a stigma I have yet managed to completely shake. “Judge me not by my whoisness for it is deceptive, indeed! “

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