Face of the Month - July, Kuah

Kuah's player surprised us with a really indepth explanation of what is it like to be a half-troll and the unknown enchantment of being one.

Join him in this version of his magic below!

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

Kuah : To be honest I would keep the Half-Troll chan on just to help with uplifts and CRs for the longest time. But even then I had no desire (or real understanding) of what RP (in the Realms sense) was. It was (and even with effort and desire still is) a real quiet nation. Then after many a visit to the NV to just 'watch' and that sort of thing, Azrakare asked me if I had any interest in the Olog'hai. Chengis had just stepped down, Azrakare was in control and I just jumped into my character. I sort of took a path with Kuah that would be different than other 'evil' or bad guy roles I had seen while being a voyer at NV. I wanted someone people would actually hate, but who would also never really win the big battles. Sure Kuah would get his licks and punches in, but in the end, good would always win over him. The want for a 'real' (think NOT black cape and evil laugh) evil for the realms to play with was what got me to really hook into this character and to RP itself. It has been fun molding this character every day since.

RPC : What's your preferred style of roleplay? Why is this so?

Kuah : Style is it? I would have to say where I have no real idea where we are going with things other than an agreed general and VERY loose goal. If I wanted to act out a script, I surely would not want to do it on a mud. It is just more fun to me to have a suprise and unexpected turn to come about. But I like to keep that one little finger on the goal we are shooting for, otherwise it would be chaos.

RPC : When do you usually rp, and for how long? (EST timing)

Kuah : For years it would be from about 9pm till I passed out, but with hours of work changing and such my time can be real random anymore. But if I am on and have time to sit and click away at the keys, just let me know and I'm there!RPC : What is the main thing you look for in what you consider a good rp plot?

Kuah : More than two people. Thats all anything really needs. Well I should say more than two creative people. When you have five or more people with input on something it takes on a life of its own and does nothing but add depth and meaning to the characters. And that is what makes any plot good as well, character. This is not to say you can not have fun with just two people, cause you sure can, but for a truly awesome time, get as many as you can in on it!

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of? Why?

Kuah : There are a few with Vernese that I think would make great reads in books. (Her and Kuah seem to be like the earth and moon, one functions so much better IC with the other. Check them out in the Tales section at www.geocities.com/halftrolls) My all time favorite would be the one there titled 'Awake'. That is where Kuah shows some sign of being more than a war hungry bastard for the first time.

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Kuah : Well they are all sort of tied into each other but a list in no real order: The healing and training and then return of Vernese. The holding of an ancient half-elf queen who many think dead. (hi nimue!). An evil alliance with the lord of half-orcs, Grishnakh. And the rebuilding of T'Man after a failed and lost war with the elves. (With wonderful new RPing half-trolls on the council, mainly our new warlord, Sareko.*)

*Sareko was the Nation Leader of the Half-Trolls after Kuah.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Kuah : I just cant stand to be part of something where the character opposite me takes everything personal (OOC) and just is not willing to bend. Its like no matter what move I make, they have a counter move. To me that is boring. I think Kuah has collected more scars and his amazing losing record by being able to take his medicine by not always rolling out of the way of a sword strike after insulting an entire history of ones family. But Kuah does not just stand around and insult history, he has depth and grows everytime I take on that persona. What makes a good story is the characters in that story. I remember watching a well RPd duel between two knights at NV years ago and they painted a wonderful image in my mind as I watched it play out. But I have also seen the same 'plot' so to speak played by two others and it was just a bad and bland image because they had no real character other than insults and the horrid fault of unwilling to appear weaker than the other.RPC : If you would use one adjective to describe Kuah, what would it be? Why?

Kuah : Cruel. Because he hurts and lies and twists everything to please only him. I have had people tell me after a few sessions of RP that they think Kuah is the meanest biggest bastard they have ever seen… I am just glad these were people who could tell the difference between IC and OOC. =)

RPC : For the new half-troll roleplayer, how would you suggest they flesh out their characters?

Kuah : I invite all to post up a brief history on the noteboard in T'Man so those of us who do look at it can have a tiny bit of insight into who you are. And speakup! racetalk can be more than a place to request uplifts. Read about the trolls on the homepage and see where you can find a track to fit your character in.

RPC : Does the name Kuah hold any special meaning to you? Why?

Kuah : Well, this is going to come as a suprise to many. Kuah is hardly my first 'main' on realms. My first main was an half-orc two years before Kuah was even thought of. (Yeah, I know, I remember when New Darkhaven was truly 'new'… thieves used to have spells and mana use… and so on). Then I spent the longest time playing mages. I created a storage named Hauk. (Hauk the dwarf!) Later I made a thief named Kuah (Hauk backwards…). Kuah was fun for a time, but at the time was hardly going to be my main, but I was tired of playing anything else. (deathtrap after deathtrap will make you lose some interest in any character if not even the game itself.) So Kuah was the persona I had, the CoD started up, I became a part of the leadership in the GoT (8 months or so with Elisabet). After all this, there was no way Kuah would ever be just another 'main' in the long list of mains. Kuah was and is it. Even with alts, I am still known as Kuah. (thats 'Kuahs' mage… and so on). So it did'nt start off that way, but Kuah is special now.

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