Face of the Month - June, Desidio

June's Face of the Month is a rather hot drow named Desidio! We caught up with Des's player and piled on him anvils of questions which he gave rather interesting answers.Check them out below!

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

Desidio :What started to get me into roleplaying was playing D&D and other table top RP games, as well as another mud I started playing on 5 years ago. Abandoned Realms, it's a PK mud but RP enforced.

RPC : What's your preferred style of roleplay?

Desidio : It depends entirely on my mood, but for the most part some planning and allowing for a lot of improvisation. I've played with a lot of good players and it generally works out for the best if we both have a little idea on what is going on, then allowing our characters to take control.

RPC : When do you usually rp, and for how long? (EST timing)

Desidio : Honestly, the time can vary greatly. Any time usually from 6 pm onwards, to sometimes at 3 am. Just depends if I am tired, busy, etc. I have no real favorite time to rp though.

RPC : What is the main thing you look for in what you consider a good rp plot?

Desidio : Something that has a core story, but allows deviation from the main. If things get stuck in a rut, you don't allow the players or the story to grow. And watching characters/plots take on a life of their own is half the fun.

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of? Why?

Desidio : Again, there are alot of scenes that I've done that I've really enjoyed.
One I really enjoyed, but never was sent out was Caeliet and Desidio, before they were married. They were conversing in Veldrin'Velve and the whole scene showed how erotic and sensual drow could be, without actually doing anything that could be considered "mudsex". It ended with Caeliet drinking a bit of Desidio's blood (which is basically Lloth's venom).

Another scene that is really did enjoy was Desidio on the brink of insanity, wandering near the Abyss. Where Rauva came back to haunt him after he had killed her in the civil war. It ended with Rauva being released from what bound her to "the world" by Desidio appologizing.
Of course though, pretty much any scene that involves a well done battle or fight is up there with my favorites. (Major battles in the drow civil war, Desidio fighting with Velkyn, etc).

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Desidio : Right now, theres something I've been working on with another person. It has to do with the whole Khare being harboured by Arianne. Desidio doesn't know this, yet… He and the one who pulls his strings(Lloth) won't be too pleased. When Desidio was sent to capture Khare and Tscherchi, he basically assumed they would be sacrificed as all blasphemers should be. As for others joining in, I assume there would be quite a bit of room. Angry Matrons who want blood, etc. Those who oppose and just want the drow get along. A lot of room for things, though I and another have yet to get it in motion.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Desidio : For a good character to exist they have to having things that define them. Both physically and mentally. Having defined thought patterns and mannerisms help a lot. If you're in a fight, don't be afraid to take a hit. Just incorporate it, run away, etc. It happens, no ones character is indestructable/godlike. And above all, faults of some kind really make a character seem flesh and blood.
As for a good story, it comes down to being something that everyone involved can take part in. Assuming some sort of role, not just 2 people basically doing the whole story. Allowing for conflict, tension, failings, triumph the whole gammit of things that can happen. And above all, flexibility to change on the fly. Because things happen, not everyone wants to rp the way someone else wants them to. .

RPC : Why did you choose to play a drow?

Desidio : It's a good question honestly. I've played drow before on my other mud, I just gotten into playing them. I have numerous drow alts, which I rp to some degree or another. But it comes down to playing something entirely different that what I am in the real world. Desidio is for lack of any better description. Chaotic Evil. It's a challenge sometimes, to play someone so depraved, corrupt and driven.

RPC : If you were given a chance to play another character, how would you play it, and will you want to play it very differently?

Desidio : Well, I do have a few non drow alts that are in the process of becoming characters that I frequently play with. I tend to change my style of emoting, though they usually end up being longer emotes like I typically do with Desidio it's just force of habit. I don't really have any characters that could be classified as good though, they all have motives and things that drive them. Though some appear on the outside to be "good".

RPC : Tell us a bit about Desidio and what he is up to now.

Desidio : For the most part he's been concerning himself with stepping up security in Iniquity. Making sure there is a large standing army just in case any other religious factions try to attack. I haven't really decided what to do with him, save for the above plot.

RPC : How has being the First of The Drow Nation shaped Desidio's life if it had.

Desidio : It's actually kind of an odd place for him. Being drow and a fervent follower of Lloth, he knows females are above him. But he also knows about social heirarchies. He won't kneel to those female drow too far below him (surfacers, houseless females etc). He will bow, but that's about it. There is alot more he could do, had I chosen to play Desidio (though the name would probably be different) as a female. He basically has to walk a thin line with the Matrons, even if he suspects something. Well, unless Rhyl or Lloth tells him so.

RPC : Did you base Desidio's characterization on anything particular? Say, Forgotten Realms mythology, and such?

Desidio : I do borrow from Forgottens Realms, in the whole Lloth worship aspect of his personality. Though the rest of him, his mannerisms, expressions sayings, etc are completely from some part of me.

RPC : The Drow has a very elaborate language system, how would you recommend going about to study it? Do you have anything to recommend to aid studying the drow language?

Desidio : I'd probably not be the best person to ask about that, considering I seldom actually type out anything in drow. I just assume if it's just drow talking to eachother, they are speaking in drow. If there are non drow around him and he wants to relay a message to another drow there, he just uses handsignals. But, there are a few websites out there that go into the drow language. Danem's website (the shroudweaver homepage) has an extensive list of words, both translating from drow - english and english - drow. The drow source book from TSR if anyone else has read it has quite a list of sayings, family names and words.

RPC : What is your favorite place/room in the City of Iniquity. Can you provide a description of that for us, and the reasons why you like it?

Desidio : My favorite has to be the main room of Veldrin'Velve. Just the mental image I get and besides it has beds hanging from the ceiling on wires what more could you want.

Haven of the Shadowblade
Sheets of barbed wire cage the somber grey walls; the occasional small chunk of flesh can be seen if one were to look closely enough. Dozens of stone gargoyle statues stand in a row at the bottom of each wall, making hideous faces. Way above them, close to the pitch black ceiling, two long beds hook into the wire quite sturdily and hover low to the ground. A fancy silver candelabra sits within the wire dangerously close to the beds at the far end of the room. A rather plain grey tapestry makes for a nice carpet, stretched along the floor. There is an arched opening to the east.

RPC : We all know playing a drow male takes a bit more expertise than the usual male on the block. Do you have any tips for players who wish to play male drow? Do share them if you do have.

Desidio : Above all, learn to loose the ego. Unless you want your head ripped off. Sure, even if you're playing a rogue maybe you don't want to give up your cover for the time being. Learn to bow and scrape, avert your eyes and so forth. By all means have your character think what's on his mind, but if you want him to stay alive go with the flow and do as you're told. You'll stay unnoticed that way and with the drow being unnoticed is one of the best ways to survive.

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