Kadgeon's Return

[105] Kadgeon: My return!
Tue Jan 12 09:54:03 2010
To: Hobbits Everywhere
My dearest Hobbits,
It is with the greatest joy I can muster that I write to you of my
return! I have been away for far too long on business I could not even begin
to tell you about.
I regret terribly how I left all of you but alas I had no choice. I beg
of all of you to forgive me for I am but your humble servant.
If you will still have me would very much like to be your Thain once
more. I will work harder than before I promise.
Within the week I shall have updates for all of you
on what is going on throughout the Realms as I have always done before.
Until then I remain forever in the service of my people,
Lady Kadgeon Silverblood
** Written with the familiar silvery script as always, and sealed with the
unmistakable silver crown with a rose wrapped around it.**

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