Returning Home

[107] Kadgeon: Returning Home
Thu Jan 21 10:35:18 2010
To: Hobbits
The wind whistled eerily throughout the burrows, and silence permeated the air. What was once a happy, and peaceful home for the Hobbits was now an empty shell of what once was.

The young woman turned around slowly, and gazed upon her beloved home. What had happened?
Where was everyone? Who had done this? All these questions and more ran through her mind, making her dizzy with the urgency of them.

Fear struck her soul deep as she thought of the people she had sworn to protect and serve. Where had she been when this happened to them? She would never forgive herself for leaving them, even though her reasons had been good.

She was supposed to protect them! Sadness threatened to overwhelm her as she sank to the ground. And for a moment she was tempted to give in to the tears, but from somewhere deep within she gathered her strength and stood once more, proud and tall. (Well as tall as a Hobbit can be.) Surely some had escaped, she just had to find them. Lifting her fingers to her mouth she let out a loud, shrill whistle. Within moments and rather large stallion galloped in front of her. She clucked her tongue, which was the signal for him to kneel down so she could mount him. 'C'mon Darc, let's ride!' Moments later she disappeared from sight as she rode off in search of her people.

And in the shadows someone lurked, watching.

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