Towards The Burrows

Towards the Burrows as well, Gentian Quicksilver and her knights rode. Knights who did not swear fealty either to the Thain and her lackeys, and only to the pale-haired halfling woman who led them.

The lead scout brought news to Gentian of sightings, sightings of the Thain who had abandoned them and thus, forced the latter's people to disown Kadgeon as leader. A furrow formed on Gentian's brow, followed by a deep frown for the rest of the day which her knights knew that something not to their liking was eventually to follow.

"How dare she…" The pale haired halfling was heard to murmur to the knight who rode by her side on his pony. "How dare she just come back and assume that we will follow her once more."

The knight, a hobbit of etched lines upon his face and pepper-salt hair, did not reply, and instead kept his line of vision straight before him.

She continued to grumble about something, so unlike her character and then the head knight suddenly halted his steed, pulling up his mailed hand.

"There is something up ahead." He growled in a low, low voice, pulling at the reins of his mare as it teetered on its hooves in fright.

This was the only road leading to the Burrows. Whatever he saw and was in front of them, could only be one thing.

The Abyssal One.

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