Name: Kaiyri Fitael
Nickname: Kai
Race: Elohai (half-elf)
Gender: Female
Age: 137 Appears to be in her early 20's

Trained by her adopted ranger father, Kai is comfortable in the outdoors and highly self-sufficient.
Has a tendency to relieve the more wealthy individual of heavy pockets and skilled escape artist.
Unrealized druidic ability inherited from her mother among other yet to be discovered talents.
Moral compass is pretty much broken.

Physical Description: 5’7″, 125 lbs, dark red hair (currently dyed black), gray eyes, tanned skin.

//Standing at an average height, this woman might appear unremarkable in that aspect alone if not for the crimson tresses adorning her head. Long bangs are side swept over one brow and pulled carelessly back into a loose plait, the length falling easily at the center of her back. Grey eyes, set within angular features, are upturned slightly at their corners and carry with their shade a cold detachment.

Darkly tanned buckskin trousers wrap snugly around thigh and calf to disappear into worn leather boots. A belt carrying various items also rests low on her hip and a bodice matching the hue of her tresses is fitted about her frame, the detailed stitching showing great care by its maker. Leather armbands encircle her forearms; otherwise there is no jewelry visible upon her person aside from three small coils of silver piercing the points of her ears.//

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