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About the Dwarves

Aule made Dwarves strong to endure the rigors of Ea and the Darkness to come. Therefore they are stone-hard, stubborn, fast in friendship and in enmity, and they suffer toil of and hunger and hurt of body more hardily than all other speaking peoples. And they live long, far beyond the span of Men, yet not forever. And they are smaller than Men, more compact and can resolve these rigors therefore. A Dwarf is a good ally to any friend and a stout companion to any party, yet he is a fierce fighter to an enemy, quick and strong of blows. And although many may say a Dwarf has a rough and craggy look, their faces shine with inner light and a keen wisdom. They enjoy a good gathering of friends and are renowned for their ability to quaff down barrels of fine ale. Their songs are the forebears of many great tunes and it is said that the Blues as we know it today has its roots and magic in the 'druum-druum' of the enchanting dwarven sound.

Dwarven Characteristics

Dwarves are a stocky folk, averaging only four feet in height, but weighing fully one hundred fifty pounds. Male dwarves boast thick beards, which they display proudly as any peacock showing its feathers. Many male dwarves begin to go bald halfway through their lives, however. Female dwarves also have more facial hair than typical for the Realms other races, though it seldom amounts to more than a downy fringe. One might see a dwarf woman with a respectable beard, but such a rare beauty comes along only once in a generation. The voices of dwarves characteristcally have a deep, resonant tone that brings to mind the thundering echoes of falling hammers. Builder's of one of the Realms most advanced civilizations, dwarves are noted for their determination, stubborness, and industriousness.

There are typically two subraces of dwarves-those that dwell amongst civilization Daewar and those below the mountains - Daergar -each look physically very similar, but can span the full spectrum of emotions when grouped.

The Government of the Dwarves

The current Thane is Stoneheft.

Hierarchy of the Khazad Government

About Qetag's Reach

The canyons of Qetag's Reach were uncovered and first populated by a band of solitary Dwarf who were insistent upon staying neutral during the conflict surrounding New Darkhaven. They lived peaceably, secure in their solitude and completely self supportive, until the Great Betrayal. Rumors abound on what happened that fateful night when the canyons were overrun by Balrogs.

One rumor holds more true than the rest. One of their own gave up their location and brought the Balrogs swarming from within, they did not storm the gates. If that rumor holds true, it is questionable if the canyons are indeed secure, even to this day.

From DarkHaven Square, (invis recommended) 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, s, sw, 2s, 2sw, 2s, 2ne, n, nw, w, 2nw, w, 3nw, 3w, 2nw, 3w, 5nw, 2w, sw, w, 2u, 3n, nw, 2d, nw, 2n, 2nw, w, 2n, d

Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to Qetag's Reach may require a visitor's token to enter the Reach. Contact the Nation Leader or any dwarf to obtain a small disc cut from the branch of an elderwood from Gorur at 'Rockhand Cottage'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Gorur 'token'.

Khuzdul, the Dwarven Language

Wherever it says (recipient), that indicates to add a person's name or a title to which your addressing, such as "Gamut manun ai-menu Dron" for "Good day to you, Dron" and "Gamut manun ai-menu Uzbad" for "Good day to you, Lord".

Prefixes Explantion
O- Negative intonation (ogamat - not good)
A- Feminizes the word (azbad - lady)
U- Masculates the word (uzbad - lord)
I- Lowers the caste of the word (izbad - lord of low ranking)
E- Raises the caste of the word (ezbad - lord of high ranking)
Sanu Past tense
Natu Future tense

Khazad Titles and Ranks
Khazad Greetings and Farewells
Khazad General Phrases
Khazad Compliments
Khazad Insults
Khazad Family Titles and Phrases
Khazad Terms for Other Races
Common Dwarven Battle Cries
Khazad Alcohol and Ale Types

Khazadium History

In the Beginning of Khazad History
The First Great Khazad War
The Maze of Stonegrip's Heart
Stonegrip's Awakening
Aule's Despair
The Gemstone Blessing
The Rebuilding of Gemstone Hall
A New Beginning and Durin's Lineage
The Oakenshield Legacy
Entrance of the Blazinstones
A Time of Forgetfulness
The Emergence of a New Thane

List of Leaders

Chalamar Apr 2001* Apr 2001
Corcinn Apr 2001 Nov 2001
Poli Nov 2001 Feb 2002
Yeroc Feb 2002 Apr 2003
Kevyn Apr 2003 12/15/03
Alinaryth 12/15/03 05/31/04
Krun 05/31/04 01/06/05
Corcinn 01/06/05 07/13/05
Jerald 07/13/05 02/04/07
Yaeger 02/04/07 12/07/07
Stoneheft 12/07/07 Present
  • before this time I didn't keep records

Past and Current Plots

Roleplaying Logs

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