Khazad Greetings And Farewells

(General) Greetings — Vem
(Specific) Greetings — Vemu (recipient)
Greetings to you — Vemu ai-menu (may add recipient)

(General) Good day — Gamut manan
(Specific) Good day — Gamut manun (recipient)
Good day to you — Gamut manun ai-menu (may add recipient)

Yesterday is past — Natu yamez natu

(General) Good travels — Gamut melik
(Specific) Good travels — Gamut meliku (recipient)
Good travels to you — Gamut meliku ai-menu (may add recipient)

(General) Farewell — Rasup gamat
(Specific) Farewell — Rasup gamut (recipient)
Farewell to you — Rasup gamut ai-menu (may add recipient)

(General) Good night — Gamut nanan
(Specific) Good night — Gamut nanun (recipient)

How are you? — Caku men Rasp?
How is (recipient)? — Caku (recipient) Rasp?

It is good to meet you — Gamatu yenet menu

Well met — Gamut sanu yenet

Good bye/May a good death be upon you
(to be used only in permanent situations) — Tan gamut warg ai-menu

May your/their forge burn bright — Tan menu/matu selek lanun naman

Rest well — Hurun ganat

Until later — Tak yemu
Until next we meet —Tak natu yenet
Until then —Tak xemu

Until our travels cross again — Tak khaz meliku suz yenetu
Until tommorrow —Tak sanu yemezu

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