Khazad Titles And Ranks

Thane, pl. Thine
(Formal) My King Thanu men
(Informal) My King Thune

Athane, pl. Athine
(Formal) My Queen Athanu men
(Informal) My Queen Athune

Ruler/High Lord or Lady
Ezbad, pl. Ezbid
(Formal) My Senior Lord/Lady Ezbadu men
(Informal) My Senior Lord/Lady Ezbud

Uzbad, pl. Uzbid
(Formal) My Lord Uzbadu men
(Informal) My Lord Uzbud

Azbad, pl. Azbid
(Formal) My Lady Azbadu men
(Informal) My Lady Azbud

Less Lord/Knight
Izbad, pl. Izbid
(Formal) My Lesser Lord Izbadu men
(Informal) My Lesser Lord Izbud

Notes: The title Izbad is often used from one lord of rank to another of lower status. The lower lord may address his senior as Uzbadu/Azbadu men or as Ezbadu men. Kings and Queens in less formal settings may adopt the title of Ezbad.

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