Uruk Hai Vs The Free People

[ 76] Klaatu: Uruk'hai vs Free Peoples
Sat Dec 13 22:25:13 2008
To: Nations
The elven Tari, Annale arrived at Opallinoce seeking a meeting with Klaatu.
Taken aback by the first ever Elf to visit, Klaatu was interested in why.
Annale told of the Pixie attack and her being bride to be of Vermicio. More
she said of Pixie declaring war Realms wide and asked what Klaatu what he
would do. Klaatu told of his neutrality stance in the past.

Annale asked what would it take to side with Vermicio and the Pixie / Elven
forces. Replying Klaatu said he wanted the Dunhill Pixie colony as payment.
Annale would not agree without consulting Vermicio personally. A messenger was
sent with Klaatu's demand. After some time of waiting and avoiding Annale's
attempts at seduction, Vermicio himself appeared at Opallinoc's gates.

Much discussion and shouting took place between the two leaders. The Northern
Plains was at stake for the Uruk'hai. Finally an agreement was reached where
the Uruk'hai and their Protectorate of the Inahir would ally with the Pixies.
A large payment of treasure and other goods was agreed to. As a gesture of
good faith Vemicio made an offer of Duhill to the ogres when the war was won.

The Uruk'hai are now part of the Free Peoples of the Realms and are mobilizing
their forces, including the Inahir Protectorate forces.

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