The End Of Doom

[ 99] Kosaim: End of Doom
Fri Oct 16 20:44:40 2009
To: Everyone
To Pixies and All Nations:

I have obtained the diary of Addleberry, the mother of Vermicio and my wife.

In this diary it shows that she had an affair with a member of the Royal Flying Corps before Vermicio was born. In this diary I have found evidence that this that this officer, is the real father of Vermicio, not I.

Therefore Vermicio is not my son and is not eligible to be King of the Pixies, and he must step down as King.

I Kosaim Arcannis, will take back my crown. I offer peace to all nations and will work to restore the proper boarders of our nations to the status before the war Vermicio had started. I also declare the Realm of the Free People dissolved!

Vermicio must surrender the throne or he will arrested by treason.

I have named Eashavir Sidhe, the temporary Air Chief Marshal of the Royal Flying Corps.

May the wind be in your favour,
Kosaim Arcannis

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