[ 12] Leon: Cognizance I
Wed Sep 17 21:56:28 2008
To: Irae
The Family met in Irae, on a night of silvery moonlight — ontop of
one of the tiny ristorantes along the Esplanade, some unnamed
taverna that sported a delightful little roof-top garden. It is
owned by a slip of a lady named Nerissa di Rosseti; whom of course,
plays host to many a gathering of the family traders who venture
to Irae often to do business.

They were here to celebrate, and very obviously it was an occasion
that did not demand clandestine action, and with that toasts were
made to the new Don of the family, none other than the one who had
so violently disagreed to the vanquishing of his mortality —
Leon di Giovanni. Ghouls, mortal members and vampire-kin alike came;
members of various branches and families, all surging forth to take
part in the festivities, and perhaps for the kindred, a second
siesta in the darker reaches of the taverna, with a chosen mortal
relative of some unnamed branch.

Draped languidly across one of the large wooden chairs on the same
roof-top, Leon dangled a fluted glass of red wine in one pale hand
while watching the rest of his relatives mingle with each other.
From afar, Therese di Giovanni watched her brother intently from
her own corner, wondering in retrospect of the thoughts in his mind,
and his next few steps.

She knew he'd found his way into the old territory and harem of the
former Etienne d'Santorus. Though what he had done there, she did not
know. What new ambition his formerly meek and subdued self held,
she could not guess either.

Whatever is to come, Therese perhaps could only stand by, pray.

And watch.

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