The Hospice Of St Sophia

[ 97] Leon: The Hospice of St. Sophia
Thu Oct 22 01:37:15 2009
To: Readers
Gliowien Fairindale did not return. Yet, the apothecary she had left in her wake, having laid close for months while the sick and ill desperately turned to elsewhere and heathen cures, re-opened. The hand that reinstated the apothecary apparently, was said to be none other than a former lover of hers, Leon di Giovanni. Former Marquis, former politician; the man seems more a past than an icon for the future. The philanthropic gesture is not denied though and in a month's of the apothecary's announced re-opening, a lovely expanse of terracotta and white-stone is built on the tiny grounds surrounding it; the Hospice of St. Sophia.

He made himself director and pledged to ensure the return of health and banishment of sickness from those who came to the Hospice for those whom even the skilled healers have turned away. A purely innocent promise to the hopeless, the wretched and the despaired. A Valhalla for the dead to return to life. It did not matter how much funds were poured in from the Giovanni coffers to fuel this Hospice. God worked both ways He takes and He gives.

And it is by which He takes is what Leon is interested in.

Souls. Obviously. And the promise of the Endless Night.

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