List Of Elohai Houses

House of Guardians

Formal Title: Tirith Elohellen, House of Guardians
Leader Ranks: Hir (male), Rhien (female)

ex: Hir Carinth Greyflame (Hir = Lord)
ex: Rhien Evera Lhass (Rhien = Lady)

Basic summary: The House of Guardians is responsible for all military movements and necessities mostly with regards to those lands and borders outside of Eldestra.

Provides protection for the Speaker and all Houses in varying degrees based upon house rankings & other considerations.

The leader of Tirith Elohellen serves as the primary military advisor to the Speaker and has greater influence over military decisions and actions within the nation.

Current leader of Tirith Elohellen: Hir Carinth Greyflame (aka: Hir Greyflame).

House of Secrecy

Formal Title: Nefari Dinen, House of Secrecy
Leader Ranks: Duathir (male), Duath'rin (female)

Basic Summary: Rumors swirl around Eldestra about the true purpose of this mysterious House. Most members are practicioners of the more frowned upon skills and trades, including dark magics and even darker politics and business. No true facts are known about the Nefari Dinen and its activities, as all of them are kept quite secret, but their rank is always indicated by certain outward characteristics of members of the House.

The leader of Nefari Dinen (Duathir/Duath'rin) serves as a top advisor to the Speaker regarding mostly high secret issues. Other houses have a tendency to be highly suspicious of Nefari Dinen.

Current leader of Nefari Dinen is Jana de Lioncourt, who also serves as Nation First.

House of the Pathwardens

Formal Title: Radi Tirith, House of the Pathwardens
Leader Ranks: Pathmaster (male), Pathmistress (female)

Basic Summary: Radi Tirith is a militia House primarily concerned with the defense of Eldestra, the lands surrounding it and any occupied territories of the city. Members of the House are most at home in the wild and share a close relationship with natural environments, including the beasts and birds and all wild animals. Members of this House, especially those of an established rank are generally very skilled archers. Any in Eldestra who wish to improve their mastery of the bow seek education and training with Radi Tirith.

The leader of this House serves as secondary military advisor to the Speaker.

The current leader of Radi Tirith is Pathmistress Zalterra Ghenirsa.

House of Divine Healing

Formal Title: i Maenas, House of Divine Healing
Leader Rank: Nestadhel

Basic Summary: i Maenas is where two different groups of Elohai come together for one common purpose: to heal the wounds of its City's inhabitants whether they be spirital, emotional, psycoholgical or physical. Two types of healers make up this House; the Divine Healers who choose to channel their powers of healing through the worship of the gods and, the Healers of the Earth that do not necessarily follow the paths of any one god or Pantheon. All major healers of Eldestra are a part of this House.

The Leader of this House is responsible for the training of all Healers within the nation.

The current leader of this House is Nestadhel Ferasa Grwvn.

House of Commerce

Formal Title: Mallen Edaib, House of Commerce
Leader Rank: Mirtoa

Basic Summary: Mallen Edaib translates roughly as "Houses of Gold in the common tongue of the Realms, and its name belies its successes. The primary responsibility of this house is to foster independence through the power of crafted goods and skilled trade. Responsible for all trade within Eldestra and without, the members of this house vary from the savvy entrepeneur who derives power through money to the humble artisan or craftsman who subsists on the proceeds from crafted goods. Blacksmitsh, artists, designers, masons and all manner of Elohai skilled in any profitable task join this House in the hopes of being sponsored by the upper echelon of Mallen Edaib; providing money and ability to further foster their abilities.

The leader of this House is directly responsible for regulating all trade within Eldestra and without. From licensing permits to local sellers to crafting esoteric trade agreements with other nations and cities, the job of the Mirtoa is often demanding and always crucial to Eldestra's

The current leader of this House is Mirtoa Aranvar Mithendair.

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