List Of The Current Cast, Dopo Il Crepuscolo Societa

Anique d'Estelle
The youngest daughter of the d'Estelle family, her only other kin is her elder brother Nikolas. The siblings own a bookstore in a small town outside of Irae. Despite her quiet exterior, Anique harbors a strong determination to reinstate her family's dishonored name.

Alexi Klein
A young man with a brilliant ability to create beautiful dolls, Alexi is often seen traveling through many towns and cities, delivering his creations personally to his customers. His unorthodox ways of dealing with mortals and excessive friendliness with them is despised by Kindred elders. Loved greatly by his peers in the Clan of the Rose, his inauguration as Prince has boosted the influence of the Toreador manyfold. Known in Cainite circles as the Prince of Camden, the Courts of Love.

Aubrey R'aw
Aubrey has never traveled far from home before, and the ways of outsiders are quite new to her. She attempts to stay quietly in the background, watching and learning and trying not to get into trouble as she always did in her home in the Bywater of the Shire. She longs for her family
and home, but has sworn an oath to earn back the thousand coins she lost by accidentally setting her families crops on fire.

Benoit LaSalle
Victor Cohen's childe has made a name for himself in the Raven Tor area by taking over the Court of Glen Domaire. What, to the outside, seems like a tranquil fishing village; has emerged as quite the trading empire led by the business savvy Benoit LaSalle. With the Mystic Seaport right at his front step, he pulls the strings for everything import and export related…legal and illegal alike.

Bethani Ainamira de Saindora
Sweet and full of an innocent and hopeful personality, this young nun managed to get stranded in Camden on her travels to help an orphanage in Harlin Ridge, having been sent by the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Irae. Soul survivor of the fateful carriage-ride, Bethani found herself welcomed into the fold of the church in Camden. Children are her greatest joy and most often, she can be found at the church or looking after any orphans in the church's charge.

Chloe de Lannurien
What Chloe wants, Chloe gets. That has been the tradition in her mortal life and would not change after her Embrace. Already she had worked hard to ensure herself the title as Seneschal of Glen Domaire. Together with her sire, Benoit LSalle, she ensures that business is flourishing. She is the identical twin to Claire de Lannurien, the one person whom she loves without any strings attached. For her, she'd do anything…

Christian von Karlach
A collector of books and antiques, knowledgeable and frightfully aware of the ambitions of mortals, half-fae Christian von Karlach's aims in his kindred life appears ambigious to his own Clan and the Court as well. Touted daring enough to become Prince and rumored to have diablerized several other of his peers, the Lasombra is held in disregard, fear and suspicion by most of the Cainite Circles.

Claire de Lannurien
Claire de Lannurien, the identical twin to Chloe de Lannurien, is trying to find a way to get out of the overpowering shadow of her sister. Both share the same sire but Claire is well aware that she was not his choice but rather an unconvient price that Benoit LaSalle had to pay in order to bring Chloe into his undead life.

Dominique Ardouvin
A sultry and vivacious violinist, Dominique truly enjoys the "life" amongst her clan. Never once did she regret to have been made a child of the night for it meant an eternity of pleasure. Pleasure in the form of her beloved profession and…men. Oh yes, she adored the game of seduction but only for play means. Her true devotion always remained with her sire, Sander van der Meer. For the mortal world she poses as Salome di Montalia's step-mother.

Etienne Louis d'Aquitaine
The charming, charismatic Lord of the Theatre, Etienne d'Aquitaine. Known amongst the Circles of the Rose as Etienne d'Santorus, the favorite childe and lover of Marie d'Santorus; famed Toreador and creator of the Theatre d'Santorus in the City of Irae. Etienne's perfect smiles hide a honed dagger sharper than any would imagine; his position as the Keeper of Elysiums making him both a terrible enemy and a formidable ally.

Faeaonna Antasia
The Ventrue's beloved Princess, a direct childe of the revered Julia Antasia, the White Lady Faeaonna Antasia is one of the fae-embraced — Fae-kin that survived the Embrace of a Cainite. Her appearances are not many, and when she does step into the lands, her visits are usually and unusually followed by grand changes.

Isadora di Giovanni
Alluring Isadora di Giovanni, cousin to Leon di Giovanni hides her blade-sharp ambitions with an air of insistent charm and bluntness that is unappreciated in a family that reigns on subterfuge and subliminal tactics.

Jasmeen el Sadiq
An oriental pearl from the lands of the East, this beauty is shrouded in mystery. Being a woman of few words and even fewer confidants it is not yet known what this exotic being is doing in the city of Irae…or how long she has already been amongst her kind.

Katherina Sforza Murnau
An Inquisitor of House Murnau, Katherina left the valley in which she lived with the rest of the extended family to work for the Cathedral in the City of Irae. Stoic and steadfast in her duty, she appears cold to mortal feelings, and only through faith could she feel.

Leon Andre di Giovanni
Formerly the Marquis of the City of Irae, Leon di Giovanni wished for an existence that was different from the path set out for him as a Giovanni. Enfolded into unlife and to be groomed next as the Head of the Clan, he is sent to Camden to be counterfoil to the Prince.

Matthieu Fontaine
Little brother to Lucien Fontaine, and having lost both his parents in a fire, fourteen year old Matthieu was summoned to the Theatre d'Santorus to be an attendent after Etienne had recruited his elder brother as a playwright. His angelic features and easy affection won the Lord over immensely.

Lucien Fontaine
An orphan of the church, nineteen year old Lucien's brilliant creativity and imaginative mind was captured by Etienne and brought to life in the Theatre d'Santorus. Yet, the boy's fragile self-esteem and low confidence faces a danger of becoming shattered in the political games the Kindred play within the Theatre.

Prina de Carpathia
Prina was born within the mountains of Carpathia to loving parents. She grew up in a peaceful wagon camp which travelled within the mountains embracing the peaceful simplicity in lands filled with darkness that looms from the top of the Carpathian peeks where the families' allies reside. Being raised a gypsy she learned its magic and mystery from her grandmother. Believing that these were nothing more than tales she began to seek the origins of them. At a tender age she began to spending increasing of time in the shadows of the mountain looking for its magic seeking some proof that they exist.

Rasha Alina Moncrieffe
A lovely red-headed actress of Theatre de Santorus and one of the precious gems of the Rose, the enigmatic, beautiful Rasha hides a multitude of secrets, carrying with her a level of mystery that many attempt to break apart and yet fail.

Raoul Renard
The elder of the Renard twins, Raoul Renard hails from the eastern vastness of Carpathia; his and his twin sister's existences brought to being by the brilliant hands of one whom they simply call Lord. His expertise in drugs and poisons have created for him and his sister a capitalistic opportunity to exploit the addicted aristocracy of their homeland. Despite their Slavic backgrounds, the twins' distinctively different heritage and names still brings questions to the minds of many Kindred.

Salome di Montalia
Crowned as the "wunderkind" of clan Toreador, Salome has captured the hearts of connoisseurs of classical music. Immortals and Mortals alike. While the mortal world was astonished by the sheer talent of a young child her age, the immortal world simply enjoyed the beauty of her art…knowing very well that she was no mere child. Embraced at the tender age of twelve, her body is frozen in time but her mind continued to grow over the years. Many are fooled by the innocence of her facade but those who have witnessed the other side, can assure you that there is nothing childish about her.

Sander van der Meer
Dashing Sander was frowned upon by many of his kin by taking in child vampire Salome di Montalia but he remained loyal to his word to take care of her. Naturally, he did not do this purely out of the goodness of his undead heart…he had his own agenda. His troupe "Musica della Notte", that he had formed with his childe Dominique, had been enriched by the presence of the "wunderkind". It allowed him to finally taste the fame he had longed for. He had been groomed by his mortal parents to be a grand pianist and he honed his talent into perfection as an immortal. For the mortal world, he poses as Salome's father.

Viktoria Nordstrom
The word eccentric might push the description of one Viktoria Nordstrom but to most she seemed that way. She had good days, where everything just seemed perfectly normal…other days just didn't quite live up to "normal". Like so many in her clan, her actions are not predictable. In her case, she especially likes to take on different personas and even traits of those she meets. Being just one person can be such a bore…

Viviette Renard
A socialite from Carpathia, Viviette and her twin brother live just outside of Sanctus Irae in a mansion surrounded by orchards. Spoiled rotten, and ethereally beautiful, she is drawn to lavish parties filled with pretty people. With her sibling by her side, the girl begrudgingly carries out her orders from home.

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