Lo'Kier Keep

The stars seem too bright for the night sky that evening, some of the farmers thought as they walked home from the apple orchards that surrounded the broken ruins of a castle no one remembered the name of anymore. But the worn stone walls and climbing briars around it were familiar landmarks along the wide path that cut through most of the fruit orchards south of the City of Irae.

But was a night when the stars wept upon them.

And down from the clouds, came fire from heaven. A shatter of bright azure light swept down from a parting in the sky, curling itself around a single block of ancient stone, once part of a majestic tower. The smell of sulphur was thick in the air and then in a brilliant sparkle of bluish light, the stone burned with azure fire, its flames spreading and jumping to every other single block of ruin scattered about the orchards.

As quickly as they could, the farmers ran through the rain of lightning, miraculously avoiding each and every stab that came down from the sky. The showers spared the apple trees and the farmhouses, only coming down for the stones that laid around the large expanse of land where formerly the castle of Lo'kier stood.

Finally as the fires retreated, the stones were blackened and the briars burnt from it. As the farmers gathered themselves, some finally finding courage to look around, all of them witnessed the same vision.

A white owl, stark like snow, with eyes like gleaming amethysts, descended upon the black-draped shoulder of a woman, tall and regal yet her face held great hatred and disapproval.

"Mordrineagh Ni Riain. I am called. Queen of the Rol na Feinne now I am."

Her clear and distinct voice shimmers down upon the cowering men.

"And you peasants shall not defile the sacred castle of Lo'kier no longer. Every stone and every pebble will be brought with me to recreate the castle once again so I may revel in its glory and if you find it again, perhaps you are worthy to enter it once more."

The image of Mordrineagh wavered and she vanished, the flapping of her owl's wings drifting like an insane echo into the night.

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