Faces of the Month - March, Carnak And Ryven

RPC's Faces of the Month
The Face of the Month is a series of interviews conducted for a chosen roleplayer (not character) each month. The interview highlights and outlines major aspects of the player's views on Roleplaying as well as on his or her main character at the point in time and the creation of it.

For Faces 2005, two roleplayers are selected from the growing pool of new roleplayers in Realms and their responses have been quite enlightening in retrospect and interesting as well. Most of us MUDders do find delight in the stories and books we buy from the bookstores but how many of us actually found the courage to venture into writing an epic or love story of our own right here in this game? Here are the two who have taken up the mud-quill, so to speak, to draft out their lifestories here in the Realms.

Carnak started out as a roleplayer in the Half Orc nation before displaying his worth and graduating to become the Leader of the Half Orcs. Now with an additional passion to further his character, Carnak has taken on the mantle of Armsmaster of the City of Irae in which he has quite delightfully immersed his abilities of roleplaying and storywriting in.

Ryven was a recent discovery in the community of roleplayers and his hardcore oldschool tactics of being in-character and being different has gained him an amount of recognition from the Nation of the Elves as well as the larger community alike, greatly bringing forth roleplay activity in the Elven Nation. A rarity indeed, it will be interesting to track this vampire on his roleplaying path in the Realms.

1. What started you into roleplaying, and specifically here in the Realms?

Carnak : Well, what initially started me on roleplaying was when one of my RL friends invited me to a D session in the basement. I was about 10, and though it was hard to understand, I was always considered a wordsmith- so I took to the RPing aspects quite quickly. I started playing on Realms seriously in about 2001/2002. I stumbled on an RP in National Visions, and that's when I found out RP was done here. I sat in and watched a few more before I started myself.

Ryven : I liked theatre, so RP was just another form of that. In Realms, I had a couple great mentors back in the day. Seytin the Drow Mage and Serlar the Elven Vampire were both taught very well.

2. What is your preferred style of roleplay?

Carnak : Its a hybrid between spontaneous and planned RP, if that makes any sense. There is a general guideline layed out of what I want to do, and it's just finding the right people and getting the scenes done that I rarely plan out.

Ryven : I don't really have a preferred style. I try to stay IC 100%, so I go with the flow on most occasions.

3. What are your latest plans in the realm of roleplay here?

Carnak : I intend on focusing more on RP when I get my schedule set again, both in Irae and with the half-orc nation. With some luck and heavy-duty encouragement, I may be able to revive the orc nation roleplay, which is definately amongst my primary goals.

Ryven : My latest plans are to attend my Trial and possibly be destroyed. Beyond that…

4. When do you rp? How would you like other roleplayers to engage you in a
plot / scene?

Carnak : I RP pretty much whenever the opportunity arises and time permits. Generally other roleplayers can seek me out (assuming I'm not already backlogged with scenes to be completed), or I'll seek them out.

Ryven : I RP when I'm on. Engage me however you wish, as long as you keep in mind that I am an Evil Vampire Elf.

5. What is the main thing you look for in what you consider as a good RP

Carnak : Room to develop and expand- mainly if it is able to accept new RPers and if it is able to change depending on the actions and reactions of all of the characters involved in it.

Ryven : The players. Originality and spontanaety are great ways to make just about any plot fun. It's all about keeping in character and living the scene.

6. Who are the most memorable characters your character/s ever engaged with
in any RP plot here? Tell us about them.

Carnak :

Kruntak: One of the first people I ever RPed with, who was a member of the half-orc nation… he was a fun guy, but he vanished and I haven't been in contact with him in a while.

Shaiel: We had a good plot going on between the two characters, they were sworn enemies who eventually forgave each other…

Rebeca: Once more, enemies turned friends. I had a really nice RP plot going on with her just recently.

Augustine: I think he's an awesome RPer, all the scenes I've done with him have left me going "wow, that was sick!"

I am sure there are many others, but I simply don't have space to mention them all.

Ryven : I really wouldn't know. I don't think I've done any grand plots, I just enjoy my character and the reactions of those around me.

7. What has been your favorite scene you have ever participated in, or not
participated in but had read a log of?

Carnak : Probably one of the scenes I did in SI, with Bertushanon and Dray. It was about apprehending Bertushanon for commiting a crime which he did not truly commit- it had a good balance of action and intrigue, and was rather fun to RP.

Ryven : Couldn't tell you, I've been reading scenes for so long, they tend to blend into one long, entrancing story from countless perspectives. It's all a matter of what type of scene I'm in the mood for, I suppose.

8. What do you think is the most important element of a good character or a
good story?

Carnak : The ability to develop the character is what I think is most important- nothing floors me more than a character that is completely static. I try to RP Carnak's changes in scenes, as he would change (in my mind) due to the events that have occured involving him.

Ryven : Consistency. Stay in your character's mind and you're gold. Unless I hate your character. Then you're dead. haha.

9. What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want

Carnak : I'm working with a plot in OSI right now, but other than that I'm developing a plot for the half-orc nation. I've left a note in NV for other leaders of Nations or Groups to contact me ICly.

Ryven : My current plots and goals? My Trial. If you wish to attend or join, speak with Aragon, Raivanna, Gildeth, or Shareed. Gil and Shar are my prosecutors. (I was informed this plot is already completed. For more information on the outcome, speak to those that Ryven has named.)

After Question 9, both roleplayers were given a more personalized question to answer, a question that is tailored to the character that this roleplayer is currently playing at this point in time.

10. 'Carnak' has been described as a character whom has gone beyond the cast of a usual 'half-orc'. Did you have any strategies you used to push your character beyond the norm? Do you think such non-conforming characters can be easily accepted in the IC society?

Carnak : I guess one thing I've always tried to focus on while playing Carnak was his human side. Though I kept some orcish attributes, I exchanged some of the strength for average intelligence. In a fair fight, and as long as Carnak hasn't ditched his brain in a frenzy, Carnak could not best a half-orc. I tried also to make this character more human in attitudes as well- he acts much more human than orc, and hey, half-orcs are orcs AND humans too, right?!?!

I came into RP with an intent to break the racial stereotype of half-orcs. No matter what game you play, half-orcs are generically displayed as evil, which I thought was an unfair outlook. Though orcs are inherently evil, humans could be considered neutral. So I took that into account, and I guess Carnak has come out as a more neutral character- he can be evil at times, but also good at times, depending on the situation.

RPers, as far as I understand and in general, accept this kind of character- in fact, I've had quite a few comment me on it. However, I acknowledge that some players may frown on the breaking of a tradition that has been kept for a long time in RPGs, that half-orcs are evil. I simply did not like this evaluation… thus my decision to break the "rule" so to speak.

But if the drow Drizzt can be a good drow, so can Carnak be a good half-orc. Just because the Players guide says they SHOULD be this alignment, doesn't mean they HAVE to be.

10. Elves are innately believed to be good. Has this stereotype trait been a problem in your RP? Have you any advice for those who attempt to roleplay beyond the stereotype?

Ryven : As to the stereotype… If you aren't willing to have people bully and berate you for playing, stick to the stereotype. I won't even go into how many people harassed me, how many people went out of their way to mess with my character just because I chose to be a bit darker than the norm. It shocks me to see how many people couldn't care less about RP, and saddens me that they would have such hatred towards those who enjoy it.

They could ignore, but they choose instead to aggravate. So, if you don't have thick skin and supportive friends, don't stray from that mold. It'll only net you anguish and frustration. I had great friends helping me, or else I would have given up ages ago. It just isn t worth it sometimes and it takes great people to remind you of the fun you had. So, good luck to any and all people trying to enjoy their character, I wish you luck. You'll need it to save your sanity from all the whiners and the bullies that only play for the imaginary equipment and not for the social fun of hanging out with friends just chatting and having a great time.

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