Meeting In The Cave

The Altar
A stone altar dominates the clearing, its length just longer than a
tall man. A single slab of stone, the surface is clean at the top,
dark mosses climbing slowly from the base, finding some source of
nutrients to sustain them. A shallow groove running the length of
the stone appears to be the only carven part, the rest the work
of nature, rather than man. An odd quiet pervades the clearing.
Exits: west
(Hide) Shadia Del'drae-Umbramnia is hovering here.

The sun slowly embarks upon a new day.

Shadia sits atop a rock of granite, waiting patiently for Doyle, the human's leader. This meeting she is not looking forward too, but than again there are alot of things that she is not looking forward too within her near future.

The sun rises in the east.

The sky is getting cloudy.

Doyle steps into the clearing slowly, staggering like a drunk man yet trying to keep his movement under control, as he spots shadia he pulls his hood back revealing his deteriorating face and staggers in front of her not taking his eyes off of hers.

Shadia listens to the wing blowing around outside, this cave, like so many others is stuffy and moist, not the place she would have liked for this meeting, but this will do. The missive must have gotten to him by now, she thinks as he steps into view, She stands without a word and looks upon his face…his deminshing face. Shadia takes a breath in and makes herself swallow.

Waves of wind wash through the tall grass like an ocean.

Lightning flashes in the sky.

Doyle's eyes glare at shadia, penetrating deep into her, his face looks blank, no expression, "…well?" he says sharply.

The sky settles, and the thunder surrenders.

Shadia looks upon Doyle, her face slowly molding into a blank sculpture, "I do not know what to say… Except that I will help you… recover from this.."

Doyle exhales heavily, "and what is it going to cost?" he responds quickly and harshly in a scratchy deep throated voice.

Shadia moves up to Doyle, her face cast downward, she thinks. Once upon a time. Her demands would have been his life or worse, but that is in the past, she wishes for nothing, except for what he is welling to give, she responds softly, "I am asking for your alliance… I want nothing, but to be forgiven as best as you could…"

It starts to rain.

Doyle continues to eye shadia as his face stays blank, he stays this way for quite some time, until he falls into a coughing fit, then he spits blood from his mouth to his side as he keeps his eyes on shadia, "… forgiven.. for what..?" he murmurs.

Shadia almost offers a hand to him, her fingers tensing as she reaches out for Doyle, but she stops herself, she needs to keep her distance if nothing else, "For acting I did… for not helping sooner. I should have given the cure. I know if it t'was my Nation.. War would have started long ago…

Doyle still stands as his body shivers and shuffles in place, he continues to eye shadia suspiciously, "and why" he coughs loudly and uncontrolled again, then continues, "do you want an alliance with us?" he asks in a muddled tone that is almost masked by the scratchy overtone.

Shadia follows his movements with an angled face, her eyes catch his own and she looks away with anguish, "By now I am sure.. you heard of the destruction of Iniquity.. I am sure most of the realms have…?"

Doyle shrugs slowly, "only slightly.."

Shadia continues, picking up from where she left off, "The destruction of my City had helped me more than harm. I was given what I have needed for centuries." Shadia pauses, she watches as the last bit of sunlight dies slowly out of the cave, the moist air filling her lungs as she takes a breath before finishing her thought, "Without another thought my title was evoked.. I will not go further into why, but know this. I am returning to the Underdark, having been asked too and with that new things in order…including new alliances.."

The rain begins to patter.

Doyle never takes his gaze off of shadia as he struggles to keep his balance, "… and why do you want one with us?" he pressures.

Lightning flashes in the sky.

Shadia finds her hand at the base of her neck, once where her pendant laid. She drops it quickly as she looks towards Doyle again, "You are neutral in all forms. With having us as alliance than you shall have your borders. I offer protection.. not only for the Ilythiiri.. but for you as well."

Doyle remains silent for a while, then speaks up, "I am going to have to talk to my kin first.." he struggles to get out before he coughs again.

Shadia nods in accordance to his proposal, "Of course.. I already realized that. I shall be able to be contacted via a missive. I travel as far as my will takes me, but I stop when I have the need. I ask only for that and in return the cure…"

Doyle glares at shadia suspiciously for a while, then he nods slowly.

Shadia offers her hand out, her brown wool cloak falling away from her hand, "Please , I offer you my…friendship. I wish to make amends what I should have long ago. Take this as a token of all that is too come." She waits for him to take her hand before contining.

Doyle for the first time takes his gaze off of shadias eyes and looks down at her hand, he pauses for a long moment before slowly extending his shakey hand to grasp shadia's.

Shadia takes a hold of Doyle's hand and shakes it with much precaution, as to not hurt him, "Than you shall be contacting me soon, I assume?" Her hand falls away from his and she gives a weak smile, her lips curling upward.

Doyle nods slowly as he replaces his hood and slowly walks towards the exit, body shaking as if his nerves were unruly, he struggles to find each step as he leaves the cave.

Shadia watches him leave slowly, she turns to find the darkness of the cave. The shadows her lasting comfort for the venture before her. She returns back to the rock she sat upon not long ago, to return to thinking about her near future.

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