Nations were created as a venue for role playing throughout the Realms. A visit to the City of Darkhaven reveals that our lands are truly multi-national. It is not unusual to see a troll grunting at a pixie flying over a human or an ogre and an orc communing over a mug of beer. Halfling and Giths may be seen sharing conversations with Dwarves, Elves, and Half-Elves…as long as there is peace in the land. Each race has its own government complete with councils. The government provides quests and holds Nation summits to discuss international matters. Each race speaks its own language on the racetalk channel.

The Nations came into creation April 1997 due to the efforts of the immortal Phalanx.

The current Nations Advisor is Eisengrim.

Nation RP Name Leader Hometown
Human Human Chesel Keep of Lomar
Elf Quendi Annale The Island of Irrybis
Dwarf Khazad Stoneheft Qetag's Reach
Halfling Hobbit Densimo The Burrows
Pixie Pixie Kosaim Reomyr Village
Half-Ogre Uruk'hai Klaatu Opallinoc
Half-Orc Rukhas'dul Chomack Mount Krozloy
Half-Troll Olog'hai Leala The Ruins of T'man
Half-Elf Elohai Aranvar The City of Eldestra
Gith Gralthai Excane The Sands of Teracchei
Drow Ilythiiri Obsidianna The City of Iniquity
Sea-Elf Aerandir Arina Mathlaan Lagoon
Lizardman O'kwyl Dazamo Tribal Swamplands
Gnome Tyrrhenu Farlina Vale of Nidaros

Original information on Nations taken from the Realms of Despair.

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