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October 2009

Quendi News
Freedom from "Freedom"
Through the invocation of the Gods, the Elves have freed themselves of the Free Peoples and the Doom Pixie King. Thus far, no retaliation or comment of any form has been given from the Doom Pixie. With the recall of the Elven troops from Lomar, patrols surrounding the Island have been doubled.

Hobbits take refuge
A large group of Halflings have taken refuge upon the shores of Irrybis, meeting with both hospitality and indifference from the Elven population. While neither race is openly hostile, the presence of the hairy-footed race has caused a bit of a stir amongst the Elves.

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Vast Horizon - Rays of the Sun
After many battles and many hits a Rays of the Sun has finally scrapped. This light made from pieces found in the Vast Horizon is a decent item. Funds are being appropriated now for more zombie candies in order to acquire the required pieces to make more of them.

Dateline National Visions - New Nations Laeders
With all the plotting, planning and posturing between the Free Peoples and everyone else, it has been overlooked that there are a few new faces among the Nations Leaders. Klaatu the Benevolent bids welcome to the following:

Yoshio of the Humans - returning to rule the Keep of Lomar again
Menta of the Gralthai - negotiations on any subject are welcome
Alzeria of the Ilythiiri - negotiations are also welcomed

Dateline Northern Plains - Mounted Beasts a failure
In an effort to give more mobility to the Uruk'hai forces, the Inahir tribe attempted to tame the Eltor beasts. While the beasts can be herded along they are in no way mountable for riding. Fruitless accounts of wild rides and numerous broken bones have been related by the Inahir Chieftain. This venture has been deemed a failiure, along with the previous attempts of riding Ocean Keep horse (too weak to carry fully armored Uruk'hai), and coltpixies from Dunhill.

Dateline National Visions - Quendi break from Free Peoples
Tari Annale proclaims the tyranny of the Doom Pixie King is over. The Quendi no longer bear the mark of the Pixie and any pixie found withinn the Quendi borders will get no mercy.

Dateline Opallinoc - Status Quo Returns to the Northern Plains
With the collapse of the Free Peoples and the Quendi declaring freedom, the current status of the Northern Plains is somewhat calmer. The Uruk'hai are well entrenched in the former Pixie colony. Negotiations with Dunhill's emissaries are progressing. Finally the status quo of the relationship of the Uruk'hai and Quendi is back to normal. They have agreed to be disagreeable toward each other again. Sabre rattling, shield beating and general insults have returned to the Plains.

Dateline Barren Peaks - Reign of Madness
Volstagg the Catacomb Dweller has recently found the hidden location of the Reign of Madness. Further explorations wil be underway as soon as funds are allocated to finance the perilous trip. Volunteers are being drafted now.

Dateline New DarkHaven - Less than 90 days to go
Several Uruk'hai have been seen quietly making preparations for the annual festivity. Food is being acquired, lists made and poles tested for erection.

Reports from the Irrybis Hobbit Refugee Camp
Today is Day Twenty of the Exile from the Burrows. There is no sign of former
Thain Kadgeon after her last rousing letter to encourage us not to give up.
We believe that she has fallen to the sins of suntanning again. Nevertheless,
in the chaos of this madness, we have Lady Quicksilver, the very brave warrior
who brought us out of the danger of the Burrows and have us take cover in the
fair lands of the Tall Ones. A week ago, a Wet One has appeared near the Port
of Irrybis, near to our Camp. Our Lady seized the opportunity to stop the Wet
One in his tracks and made him promise to help us by bringing us weapons to
stop the Hungry One released by the gnomes. We do not know where the
Hungry One has gone to. Our sage says that it has most likely gone to where it
can eat more meat instead of us scrawny things. I reckon it has most likely
found its way to the Ogre or Orc or Troll lands. May the Deities bless them.

Attention: Free Nations of the Realms of Despair:
High Chieftain Vokith Drah'zi of the Rukhas'dul peoples has officially declared his nation free from the tyrannical rule of the 'Doom Pixie King'.

Much rejoicing and the screams of one hundred burning pixies as the half-orcs of Krozloy cast off the chains that bound them to their winged and sorcerous masters.

The old songs of war and liberation may rise again from the Valley Krozloy! For the Rukhas'dul! In the name of Grishnakh!

OOC: If you would like to participate in an upcoming roleplaying plot designed for the Rukhas'dul people, please send a MUDmail to High Chieftain Vokith detailing your desire to join. There is much rebuilding to be done in the Valley and Mount Krozloy, and we need every able-bodied half-orc we
can get to do it!

In the name of Grishnakh!

Tyrrhenu Nation News
Having no solution even now to the mistake of the month prior, the elders simply shrug and figure perhaps the thing would just simply bring a swifter end to the ongoing war. What else could they do? They were not as yet ready to return to the realm, though that time was fast approaching.

For now, they discussed plans on identifying the creature when they returned to the realm and plans for containing it and sending it back into the abyss. Figuring out what the children had done exactly was the first step and the youths were still being questioned closely and the spells they used reconstructed in a safe room where the magic couldnt leave the room and do any

Otherwise, all plans for the fall harvest continue on as usual, many of the crops were already in and stored for the impending winter.

Farlina had given much thought to the return of the vale. Though she feared what they would return to find, it was truly time to return so before All Hallows Eve, the plans were in place for the gnomes to return to their homeland. What happened then would remain to be seen, but the time for hiding was at an end, come what may.

A flash of light is the only herald of the return of the Vale of Nidaros to its proper place in the realm. It was much debated, this return, by the council and many were, and are, still opposed. It could not however, be overlooked that the young mages had caused a serious problem and since that fault lay entirely in gnome hands, it was up to the elders to fix it.

Now just what this beast was is unclear and how to resolve the problem was murkier still. The council would reconvene and discuss option the elders on the Mages council once all was settled and scouts were sent to the area Nations to assess the current war situation and to discretely inquire as to any unexplained events or strange beasts being spotted.

As for the gnomes' leader, she has taken to her bed, ill and is being attended by the village healer but nothing further is known of her condition.

A Secret Report from Terrachei
As he sat at his desk within the sands of Terrachei, Lord Menta reflected
upon the needs of his Nation. There were many and he pondered long on each
and every one. There are some whom believed that he is too quiet and wielded
no power at all. A puppet king! That was what a few of them said. Lord Menta
was not dissauded by such paltry words, and on his scripture, he wrote :

'This nation will be led to glory and power, as I have promised.'

Khazad Nation News
The doom pixie has apparently brought the wrath of his master upon our realms much the way pixies have always brought the plague upon the topsiders. There will be struggles, such as this, as we try to co-exist with our surface dwelling cousins.

We are a strong people, we must stand together with our surface dwelling kin and protect ourselves from harm. The pixies are a silly little type of bug. Protect yourselves from whatever evil pox they are spreading, it can't be that bad if it doesn't kill them immediately.

Without knowing much of this new disease, the only advice I can offer is stay diligent to your duties. Do your job well. We are a strong people and we will prevail by keeping our economy strong. It is probably best if we do not talk to the pixies before we have more information on how contagious they are and by no means should you touch one. They're disgusting even when not carrying unknown plagues.

It has been quiet in the reach. The good news of the gullible elves finding freedom is nice to hear. The spread of peace is good for us intelligent races. Peace leads to prosperity through trade and collaboration. Unlike the half-wit, half-blood races that do not have what it takes to strive for anything better, we can thrive in times of peace. We can easily earn affluence through mutually
agreeable commerce and grow with our brother races rather than fight wars to take what rightfully belongs to one's betters.

So, my brethren, enjoy this time of peace and let us hope for prosperity. The quarries should be overflowing and the masons should be constructing. May your tunnel never surface and your spirit never sink. Prosperity can be enjoyed.

*Signed with the Gemstone crest in purple wax* Stoneheft Gemstone

Olog-Hai Nation News
The Ruins, slathered in the thick mist rising from the swamps surrounding it
seems quiet this morning. The growling of waking Olog-Hai from their pallets
to start the day looked like everyday's routine. The half-trolls are very much
used to being alone nowadays, with their tribe leader missing as always.

But it was fine. Olog-Hai had always been alone. Solitary. Who cares about a
missing figurehead? No half-troll truely have faith in Queen Leala anymore.

Cries of 'Salkare' are heard as the day grows warmer. The usual activities are
carried out, babies are fed and buildings are patched. A group of Olog-Hai
hunters prepare the day's hunt into the swamps, planning a strategy to down
a number of boars or a large ironhead deer. They left at dusk, after wiping
themselves down with mud from the swamp.

That group never came back that night.

As the morning approached the next day, a Scout was sent out to find them.
He came back with a horror story : Of limbs torn, and guts eaten. Of heads
missing from all the corpses of the hunting group.

The women wailed as the Scout described the ghastly scene. With no news
of the growing terror unleashed by the gnomes and known by the hobbits as
the Hungry One, the entire Ruins are thrown into chaos.

August 2009

The calm before the storm?
Still no word has been issued regarding the state of the Free Peoples, the location of the Pixie/Elven army, or where Vermicio has gone. The winds carry the hushed whispers of Elves, many thinking the Doom King has fled in cowardice from the growing force against him.

The Mark of the Doom Pixie King
Under the orders of the Tari, many Elves have accepted the Doom King's mark: a strange blue aura around their left hand. Some Elves claim that the aura has flickered, seemingly faded. Others claim that it whispers in the dead of night.

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