Name: Noplex Darken

Titles: None

Profession: None

Previous Jobs: Advisor to Ardeth, Army General under Chivress's rule,
First of the nation under Ezmerelda's rule, Dunedain Thane.

Height: 4'11

Weight: 155


This half-vampyre stands clad in a long black cloak, hiding all features
except for his black leather boots and long black sheathe dangling
freely from his hidden belt. Various assortments of weaponry can be heard
making their idle sounds as he walks, a soft blue glow can be see escaping
from the minor flaws in craftsmanship on his sheathe.

As your eyes raise to meet his, all you see is darkness. A hood covers
all his facial features. The brief outline of a nose and lips can be see;
and sometimes you can catch a glimpse of two crimson eyes peering out at
you. There is something different about this one, when his eyes aren't
burning they seem to almost mold into the shadow covering his face. Long
strands of black hair fall freely over his eyes and ears, a thin strand of
blonde hair runs up his head.

As he speaks his hands sway into motions describing the lecture; a
birthmark is visible on his forearm; a circle with a black hawk in the middle.

Battle scars cover his arms and legs, and often; if your lucky enough
to see through his cloak and hood; a pained expression is visible. But this
one can't be different; he just can't be; all humans are the same.


Son of the Thasis Darken, King of Lyires, and Mannie Darken.
Uncle to a curious Drow; Petra Darken.
Friend to a fallen comrade; risen into darkness.

Pained and forgotten; Noplex Darken.

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