Face of the Month - October, Corcinn

Dwarves. A standard must for every fantasy there is. You either hate them or love them. Corcinn, nation leader for the Khazad of Realms, tells us more about her beloved race and nation, and herself.

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

Corcinn : I had just started with Corcinn, my first and only female character; and I wanted to do something different, even though I did not know what. I chose Corcinn as a female because I wanted to challenge myself in playing as a female, even though I did not know that there was a group of people who role-played in RoD, I always role-played my characters slightly.

One day I was wandering through the Darkhaven Academy when I noticed the sign with imformation on how to join the nations. I went to national visions and read the notes, and for the first time ever, I turned racetalk on. I realized that the people on this channel, though not always, would often converse as dwarves, in character. I read other peoples' bios and realized that they had entire histories and stories for their characters.

So I began talking on racetalk and guided by Kevyn Freehawk, I was taught how to use emotes and descriptions to roleplay in realms, and was invited into my first plot: Assassination of the King. The plot fell through due to some controversy, but I had now tasted my first roleplay blood.

RPC : What's your preferred style of roleplay?

Corcinn : I enjoy all styles of roleplay and I try not to build predjudices against any particular style because I feel that allowing the plot to developed is more important. What I do have trouble with is over-scripting of a plot to the point where you are basically telling a story. I feel it cheapens a plot when the outcome is one-hundred percent decided, and every point in between is set. I dont mind some scipting, but if you want to write a play, don't sell it as a plot.

RPC : What are your latest plans for roleplaying?

Corcinn : I am not really one to plan too far ahead when it comes to rp. I try to only involve Corcinn in the events that her character would enter into, so usually only the things that affect her friends or her people. Currently though, there is a re-forming of the council in the Dwarven Nation, and I am trying to spice things up there a bit with some small plots and events.

RPC : When do you usually rp, and for how long?

Corcinn : Thinking back a bit, it seems that all my memorable plots started just as I said 'good night' and someone sends me a tell asking me to 'wait just a sec' and I end up staying up until early morning. So, effectively I am willing to stay around or be around when I can for as long as I can. I do contract work though, so my hours online can range anywhere from all day to not at all, and I can be gone for a week or two at a time.

RPC : What is the main thing you look for in what you consider a good rp plot?

Corcinn : That is a tough question. I think the only thing I ask for in a plot is that there is freedom enough for a character to work, because a lot of people spend a lot of time developing their charaacters and you have to respect that. The other thing I ask for is that people have characters that they think out and try to react as their characters. Some people just aren't willing to go as far as their character would and I think that cheapens things a bit.

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of? Why?

Corcinn : Thats an easier one to answer. My first time playing with RnF as a group was just after I avatared, and I was so thrilled with being invited along before I was actually part of the order. I saw only the end of the plot involved, but it was well worth it. The combination of roleplay and mob kill was something I enjoyed immensely and it stuck with me ever since as my most enjoyable form of roleplaying. The plot itself was well thought out as well, with wonderfull series of events, especially since I had not been introduced to the plot before hand, so everything was a surprise to me.

The plot was to rescue Vrakk(I beleve it was Vrakk, but it was a long time ago, so I am not too sure on that) from the clutches of a demon holding him hostage. So, of course, we had to travel to the demon's realm to fight him, and eventually over took the beast and found Vrakk practically broken on the ground of the demon's lair. I dont think that I will ever forget that night completely.

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Corcinn : To be honest, I am not involved in any major plots right now, unless you are a dwarf and then I am involved in refitting the government. If you want to join in on that, you are more than welcome. Just go to dwarven hometown and read the notes. All the information is on the note board there.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Corcinn : I think dedication is the most important element of a good character or story. If you are willing to play your character as your character to death or any other position that doesn't really suit you, then I think you have every right to be involved in any plot you choose to involve yourself in.

RPC : Dwarves have always been part of fantasy stories. Is there any distinct difference about the culture of the dwarves of RoD and the dwarves of other fantasy creations, like Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms?

Corcinn : If there was one, I would say that we are a bit friendlier than the dwarven nations in most fantasy novels, but I do not think that we stray too far from the dwarves of Forgotten Realms as a group. There are a few individual characters that are definitely like no dwarves I have ever read about, but thats how it is supposed to be, a few that are just a bit different from the rest makes that group of exceptionals that is always written about.

RPC : Curiosity kills, but do the dwarves of the Realms have beards? What kind of styles do they wear their beards in? Both the males and the females?

Corcinn : Of course we do. Thats like asking if we drink ale, there is only one answer. As far as whether a female grows a beard or not depends on the player. A lot of women do not like the idea of having a beard, so their characters do not. Regardless of the player though, a woman can never grow a beard as long as a mans. For styles, there are many. Corcinn's is dark black and thick for a woman's beard. She wears it braided with a single mithril bead woven into it. It is fairly short though, only about three inches long below the chin. Most men wear theirs either braided or left untouched, but tend to grow theirs down over their bellies. Their are rare occasions though when one may prefer a goatee or a trimmed beard.

RPC : We heard about secret beer guzzling compeititions held in the dark depths of Qetag's Reach. Are these rumors true?

Corcinn : The answer is no. It isn't that dark, and never secret. Sometimes we hold them in the throneroom when we get too loud for the customers at the inn, and I think it is more comfortable in there anyways.

RPC : Why make Corcinn a thief? Is there any special meaning to it, or is it just thieves are easier to level, but nastier than warriors?

Corcinn : When I chose thief for Corcinn, I did not know very well how the game worked and I had not even had an avatar. The thief class mystique appeals to me and I liked the image I gained thinking of a young dwarven girl, forced to live on her own and survive after she was outcast from her clan for being just a tad too curious about other people's possessions.

This developed into Corcinn being more of an assasin than a thief, as she became hardened to the world. Later on she forsaked her thieving ways when she retired and joined the order of RnF. Ever since her own battle has been to remain at arms length from her past, and slipping every so often.

This multi-coloured plot is why I chose her. Her character can remain intact while being flexible enough to go from light to dark in the blink of an eye. Some of my most enjoyable sessions have been from when I was a Royal Guard in the Dwarven Nation and Corcinn was still an assassin at heart.

RPC : Do you enjoy the use of Roleplay Props? What are your opinions on using props, compared to emoting 'items' out?

Corcinn : I do not like props very much. I find that using props can lessen the impact of an event compared to emoting things out, but props can also serve a purpose when used appropriately. For instance, presenting a goblin head works well, but actually wielding your weapons means little in a game where people are constantly shifting their items around and almost always wielding their weapons unless they just wrote a note.

RPC : We noticed that the dwarven word for greetings is 'Vemu', the 'V' being highly similar to the greetings of the Elven Races. (i.e. Vedui, Vendui, Vedai) Is there any relation even, and how was the Dwarven Language constructed? Were there any outside sources used?

Corcinn : No, there is no relation between the two. When I worked on the language for the dwarves of RoD I tried to keep the sounds rather guttoral and I felt that Vem, the base word for greetings, sounded smooth enough to say, while remaining very gutorial. The 'u' postfix is a possesor, so 'Vemu' is actually Greetings to someone.

Secondly, the major outside source I used in constructing the language was a word list and essay written on Tolkien's dwarven language. It detailed tha basic structure of the dwarven tounge, khuzdul, and gave me the basis for the language.

RPC : If you were given a chance to play another race, which race would you choose, or will you still choose to stay a dwarf? And why?

Corcinn : I do not like playing other races. I enjoy playing a dwarf and find that it suits me beyond measure. The people and the atmosphere are what I play for and what I enjoy. Dwarves Rule!

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