Olog Hai

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About the Olog'hai

We are a proud people. promised to be kings of all. The half-toll, or Olog'hai is the result of an intermingling between humans and trolls. outcasts of all cities in times long past, they have worked their way into the modern society of the Realms through long battles, shifty business
and even heroics.

Olog'hai Characteristics

The Olog'hai is as deadly as it is hideous. though considerably smaller than full-blood trolls, the Olog'hai often stands well over eight feet in height and carries over three hundred pounds on its heavily-muscled frame.

Owing in part to the black blood which courses through their heavy veins, the heavily-scaled skin of the Olog'hai ranges in color from a charcoal grey to a deep, blackish green. Olog'hai revel in the fright of their appearance, often wearing their hair in battle-braids and have no problem with flaunting sick battle scars, emblazoning themselves with brands and tattoos to accentuate the effect.

Though naturally of low wisdom, the race was sorcerously imbued with a wicked intelligence and the ability to see naturally in the darkness. Olog'hai usually make poor pure magic users, and suffer from an unusually low dexterity. yet their boundless energy and high intellect create one of the most cunning physical beasts of the Realms. Olog'hai are all but immune to most poisons.

The Olog'hai Council

The Ruins of T'man

Rising from the ruins of an old mountain, the fortress of the Half-Trolls stands in dark splendor. The fortress is surrounded by a deep moat full of vicious beasts, and guarded by some of it's own. Lying amidst the Southern Mountains, the Half-Trolls have made a home for themselves. The fortress contains a small city, complete with shops, lounges and other conveniences which make this hardy race comfortable in this harsh environment.

From Darkhaven Square, 8e, 2se, s, 4se, 2s, sw, n, e

Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to the Ruins of T'man may require a visitor's token to enter the Ruins. Contact the Nation Leader or any half-troll to obtain a 'a dagger of sculpted human arm bone' from Justin in 'The Sharpened Blade'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Justin 'token'.

Olog'hai Culture

Tribal dances and deadly rituals round off nicely with the ancient tradition of sharing battle stories over a giant fire. the army of the Olog'hai is watched and ruled over by the warlord. the warlord sits along side the magus, usually an Olog'hai with a spell casting ability. these two answer only to the deities they worship and the Chief of all Olog'hai. those seeking service in the army must first become a member of the Glar'kai, or 'young warriors' and gain worth through great deeds in battle or heroics.

Olog'hai Language

Salkare - Greetings! (plural)
Salva - Greetings! (singular)
Olog'hai - Half-troll nation
Olog'hain - A half-troll who belongs to the nation
Grumband Har Marook - How are you?
Grumbandel Har Marook Tarl - How are you? (plural)
Martook Garkra Shan - I am well!
Dwark - Dwarf
Parxy - Pixie
Heruk - Elf
Harl-Heruk - Half-elf
Mann - Human
Harl-Ogran - Half-ogre
Harl-Urk - Half-orc
Chuf - Food
Ik Chuf - Turning something (usually living) into food
Arlot - Female insult
Flax - Weak, sick, pathetic
Decomor - A soldiers goodbye
Glar'kai - Young Warrior(s), the Olog'hai Army


List of Leaders

Kuah Apr 2001* Sep 2001
Sareko Sep 2001 Jul 2002
Kuah Jul 2002 Oct 2003
Chengis Oct 2003 06/05/04
Petrograd 06/05/04 11/06/04
Bruk 11/06/04 03/22/06
Chengis 03/22/06 12/18/06
Leala 12/18/06 (Present)
  • before this time I didn't keep records

Roleplaying Logs

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Broken Dreams
The Deal - Kuah, Grishnakh
Selling Out - Kuah, Grishnakh, Hanahleda
Hail to the King - Kuah, Letch
Rescue - Kuah, Celandra, Vernese, Graem, Asurmen
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The New Chieftan
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