Player Organized Groups

The flexibility and richness of roleplay culture in the Realms have given fruit to the ability to host player-organized groups based loosely on other roleplaying themes.


  • Representatives looking to promote their groups may register for a page for their group here.
  • Group pages must present a sufficient summary of the group's theme.
  • An external link to the group's website is preferred as well.
  • Representative should ensure that parties whom are interested to join may know who to contact.
  • Representative should note clearly if the group is open or closed to interested participants.

The Seelie Court

Introduction to the Seelie Court to go here.

Visit The Haven of Fae Dreams

This group is open. Interested participants should contact Mab.

Dopo il Crepuscolo Società

Known as 'The After Twilight Society', the name was christened by Augustine Canto Rosa and Isabella di Giovanni, the creators and founders. The Society is a modified attempt to bring the World of Darkness into the Realms of Despair; with a small following of vampire and mortal characters participating. The Society first began its roots in the Mountains of Desolation under the care of the Ravnos Gypsy Constanza and her Setite Chamberlain. Loosely based on Vampire; The Masquerade and Vampire; The Dark Ages as well as players' own perspectives, it was brought to become a core sphere in the Order of Sanctus Irae by Augustine and Christian, from the period of 2005-2008, attracting more interested participants in its wake. Currently, the Society has moved away from Sanctus Irae to establish a new Court in the coastal town of Camden bordering the Wastelands.

This group is open. Interested participants should contact Christian.

You may also wish to visit our info-blog Cry to Heaven for the latest up-to-date information as well as IC Court gossip.

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