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About the Isle of Irrybis

The Valley of the Elves lies far to the north of Darkhaven. Deep within this Valley lies the Island of Irrybis surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Azzurian Sea. It is said that the Elven capital city of Arborlon resides in the center of this Island, welcoming all those of Elven Kin to visit and stay.

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Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to Irrybis may require a visitor's token to board the swan-ship leading into the Island. Contact the Nation Leader or any elf to obtain a 'lasse maltaen' from the couatl in 'The Etheral Tree'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' the couatl 'token'.

The Quendi Council


List of Leaders

Nation Leader From To Nation First
Graelynia Apr 2001* Nov 2001
Kahlynn Nov 2001 Dec 2001
Vernese Dec 2001 Jul 2002
Graelynia Jul 2002 Aug 2003
Gawen Aug 2003 02/11/04
Graelynia 02/11/04 05/27/04
Sarakin 05/27/04 06/06/04
Gildeth 06/06/04 09/29/06 Shareed, Anabaena
Anabaena 09/29/06 02/16/08 Sotei, Annale
Annale 02/16/08 (Present) Creemore

Past and Current Plots

Roleplaying Logs

Nation News

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