Ransom Hanged Or War

//The Great Heruk War

…Ransom, Hanged, or War?

(a meeting between the Heruk Leaders and the Council of Olog'hai. Takes place at a tavern north of Mt. Doom. Subject, the return/ransom of an heruk council member being held at T'Man.)//

Azrakare says 'As long as nessisary, Elf.'
Azrakare seems to choke at the last word, almost spitting it out as if it were repulsive.

Alegifu looks concerned. 'Should I get you some water, Azarkare?"
Alegifu snickers softly.

Kuah tries to smile, but is lost in the humor.

Graelynia drops her hand to her side, smiling sweetly. 'I'll not stand here all night just
so you can have three bodies here.'

Azrakare says 'I do not drink… water'

Alegifu says 'that's cool…I'd just spit in the water anyway.'

Kuah says 'Dear Graelynia, no worries…'

Alegifu shrugs helplessly.

Azrakare says 'cool? what is cool?'

Alegifu says 'you know…cool…the feeling between hot and cold.'
Alegifu rolls her eyes.

Graem raises an eyebrow.

Azrakare says 'What does that have to do with anything?'

Alegifu says 'every little actually…why do you ask?'

Graem scowls angrily.

Kuah says 'Please…'

Azrakare says 'You heruk are almost too odd to even bother with.'

Graelynia says 'Perhaps we should consider getting started.'

Alegifu says 'then just release Cel and we'll be on our way.'

Graem looks a little more relaxed, as he leans his back against the wall.

Alegifu smiles sweetly.

Kuah says 'Agreed'

Graelynia nods once.

Alegifu snorts.

Azrakare says 'Celandra is my prisoner now.'

Graelynia says 'That's not news.'

Alegifu says 'she changed hands?'

Azrakare says 'and apon mine, Kuah's and the council vote, she is to be Hanged'

Alegifu says 'I thought she was Kuah's prisoner….'

Alegifu says 'why?'

Azrakare says 'she became a bother to Kuah, so i took care of her.'

Kuah says 'I have nothing to do with her other than the agreement that she should
hang at a feast from the great oak. She has given me scars and burns
enough, she is not worth it.'

Alegifu says 'what? could you start from the beginning…I think I missed something.'

Graem nods in agreement to Alegifu.

Kuah says 'What is it you wish to know?'

Graelynia 's expression turns a shade colder. 'I'd like to know exactly what your
motive is in this.'

Azrakare says 'Your people have prosicuted the Olog'hai from the day we were created.
You call us evil, you call us savage. Now you will see the price of
opposing the Olog'hai'

Azrakare says 'This is but the begining, fair elves.'

Graelynia says 'Forgive if I am wrong my "lord" but it is the olog'hai who invade
Arborlon, not the other way around.'

Alegifu says 'wait…is this the part where I'm supposed to be scared??
I wanna do this right….'

Graelynia holds a hand up to Alegifu.

Graelynia says 'If necessary.'

Azrakare says 'Oh, sarcasm, a trait of all elves, along with your cynicism and contemt'

Graelynia says 'First, though.. motive.'

Kuah says 'Honestly?'

Graelynia says 'I would not ask for dishonesty.'

Graem snickers softly.

Azrakare says 'Dishonesty? You come before us asking peace? Fools, all of you.'

Graelynia steadfastly ignores Azrakare.

Alegifu says 'actually, we came before you to get Celandra back….'
Alegifu says 'that's all.'

Azrakare says 'Ignore me? then the deed is done and her fate is sealed, along with yours'

Kuah says 'My hatred goes back some time… I became comfortable with the forest of the
Island you call home some time ago… I saw how I was treated even though I
sat silent in the trees doing no harm and listening to the wind…'

Kuah says '…It was there I also was asked by the Chiefs before me to gather information
on the heruk.'

A shimmering portal forms in front of you!
Vernese arrives from somewhere.

Kuah says 'My hatered took a turn when the insect elder was murdered and my name became

Graem raises an eyebrow at Vernese.

Kuah says 'Ahhh our third has arrived.'

Graelynia blinks for a moment. 'Vernese…'

Azrakare says 'Aye'

Azrakare says 'I have taken her into my Clan.'

Graem nods solemnly.

Kuah greets Vernese with a slight bow.

Graem says 'Yes I know Azrakare'

Graelynia pointedly does not bow.

Vernese curtseys deeply to Kuah, 'Greetings, Chief.' She walks over and stands next
to Azrakare.

Kuah says 'We grow restless at T'Man… the farms are good, the stories of past legends are
good… The young they desire… more.'

Alegifu says 'So…that means you want the rest of Darkhaven?'

Azrakare says 'Aye. '

Kuah seems uncomfortable at being called chief by Vernese.

Alegifu rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.

Azrakare says 'Laugh, fool.'

Alegifu says 'ohmygod…you're funny!'

Azrakare says 'And you are an annoying child.'

Alegifu snickers softly.

Graem slowly loses some of his casual facad, letting a bit of anger show.

Kuah says 'I do not desire the city or the world.'

Azrakare says 'Kuah, let us have no more to do with these jesters.'

Alegifu says 'yeah but your buddy does….'

Kuah says 'I desire the removal of heruk from this world.'
Kuah says 'They are a scar.'

Graelynia scowls. 'Then your line is drawn.'

Kuah says 'A weakness in balance.'

Graelynia says 'We shall see.'

Alegifu says 'ain't gonna happen.'

Azrakare says 'And it has been, for ages lost in counting'
Azrakare's eyes burn like coals in the darkness.

Kuah says 'A flower not worth the color given it.'

Azrakare says 'Here here!'

Graelynia rolls her eyes at the cliches being bandied about.

Alegifu says 'OOoo..poetry….'
Alegifu suddenly starts gagging.

Vernese chews her lip thoughtfully, but remains silent.

Graelynia bows, low, sweepingly, mockingly.

Azrakare says 'Graelynia, i suggest you calm your lackies before thier tongues
leave thier mouths on the blades of an assassin'

Kuah says 'I had guessed heruk more enlightned, but you dear…
are annoying for even an .. elf.'

Alegifu says 'thanks…I work hard on it.'

Kuah says 'It is obvious.'

Alegifu says 'What's the matter Verny…..nothing to say?'

Azrakare says 'Pride is your downfall. If i were you, sir, i would kill myself
out of hatred for what i was.'

Graem says 'What about Vernese… You wish her dead too?'

Azrakare says 'She is not of the Heruk'
Azrakare says 'she has sworn allegance to the Honos clan.'

Kuah says 'Now.. Do we sign the papers for your surrender or do you have desire
to ransom the prisnor?'

Azrakare says 'or both?'
Azrakare says 'they can be drawn up here. '

Kuah says 'I do not wish to see her hang.'

Graelynia smirks. 'Neither. May your blades be as dull as your wits, my lords.
Namarie.' She repeats the mocking bow and waves to her
companions to leave.

Azrakare says 'I would suggest both. As times go on, we will not be so kind.'

Vernese turns to look at Alegifu, her eyes dulled, 'Celandra is of no concern to
me anymore.'
Kuah says 'She will hang.'

Azrakare says 'Then it is done'

Kuah says 'Alliances shall form.'

Azrakare says 'For you words, Alegifu, i will see you dead'
Azrakare says 'by my own hand'

Graelynia turns and strides swiftly from the room.

Kuah says '…and the… cleaning starts.'

Graem leaves south.

Azrakare says 'that was uneventful'

Kuah says 'rather…'

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