The Twins Arrival

[ 95] Raoul: The Twins' Arrival
Mon Jan 4 09:13:15 2010
To: Readers

The twins came to the City of Irae one winters eve; in two carriages drawn by heavy-set draft horses. One of the carriages was for their belongings and their servants while the other was solely for themselves, the latter a remarkable art of a fastidiously comfortable room upon large steel-enforced wheels, its interior wide and spacious.

Their home was in the mountains to the East, a sprawling vastness once owned by many a feudal lord alike, and they themselves were descendents of such a noble who had been lain into the dust, his death uncelebrated by his children. Yet, the two have not fallen to poverty as many of their kind; the elder , youthful as he looked, knew how to delve into the dreams of men and women, the capitalistic nature of his business leaving many in wanton need and desire to have more. The younger, blessed with a equally beautiful face like her brother and an infinitely charming and innocent demeanour, became the darling belle of many a socialite accomplishments. Yet, despite the fame, or infamy and adoration the Renard twins have received over the years they have spent in the mountains of their beloved Carpathia, it came to an end with one singular order from the Lord they served.

"To Irae, they must go hither, and draw all into sin and submission."

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