Sand, golden in the light of the sun, and silver beneath the moon and stars,
spreads out evenly towards the rolling waves of the bay. The water has left a
glistening film, the sand grains sparkling with each ray of light shining upon
it. A long walkway of dark hardwood has been erected here, leading out to the
aquamarine sea. It widens to form a rectangular platform. Giant conch lamps
are tied to tall poles and driven into the water around the platform. Pushed
into the soft sand are tiny stone markers studded with jewels - emerald, topaz,
sapphire; jewels of the oceans and seas.

The sun stood high in the afternoon sky, radiating warm beams upon the dwellers of the earth. White puffy clouds cast their reflections on the flat oceans surface, only a few sea gulls disturbed the otherwise tranquil atmosphere with their occasional cries. Laurent sat on the far end of the board walk, with his linen pants rolled up to his knees and dangling his feet in the water. His upper body was glistening in the sunlight and displaying an intricate tattoo, snaking from this navel over his chest and down his left shoulder blade. His eyes were closed and a small film of sweat started to form on his brow, nevertheless he seemed to enjoy the rays of the sun. Unfortunately he wasn't as relaxed as he might appeared to onlookers, for many thoughts ran through his mind.

As the small waves gently washed the golden shore, heavy footsteps made his arrival apparent. Though the sun left not the world wanting of its warmth, the lithe sea-elf wore still his token black suit, not a single droplet of perspiration belying his defiance of the perfectly warm weather. With a foppish flip of his hair, Celestino cleared his throat to
announce himself, never one to forsake the etiquette of the Court.

Laurent lazily opens one reptile like eye and glances upwards, carefully squinting to not hurt his sensitive orb. With a wave towards the plank, he urges his friend to come down to his level. "Have a seat Celestino," he simply says and closes his eye again. "You ought to relax a bit, we are not at the Court at present."

Calmly slipping his hands into his pockets, Celestino walks to stand beside Laurent, his gaze lost at sea. talks quietly, he talks as though afflicted with a lingering fear of being overheard. "Our location matters not. Our objective remains. The Five Point Celestial Compass has failed to provide sufficient results. There was movement in the Western Shadows, yet I could not discern a specific location. How fare thee, Laurent?"

"I am well, thank for inquiring. I have met with the Oracle and she was able to pin point a location, so we should be on our way soon," Laurent pauses before continuing "However, it seems very much the case that he does not want to be found and is under some kind of magical cloak." The sea-elf pushes himself into a standing position, raises his arms and slides into the waiting embrace of the ocean. A few minutes go by before his head emerges again. "You have got to be parched, my friend," he says while pushing his heavy hair behind delicately elongated ears. "Do join me in the water." Only few ripples appear on the mirror like surface as Laurent dives back beneath.

Celestino slowly runs his forefinger across his dry lower lip. He turns from horizon, waving a hand lazily. A fine mist spirals from the sea surface and snakes its way towards him. With both hands, he lifts his golden tresses overhead, the salty mist caressing the now exposed slits in his neck. He inhales with genuine pleasure, Laurent's inquiry truer than he would know. "There are more pressing matters, Laurent. I am not alone in this knowledge. I do not deny your passion for the caress of clear waters, but I ask, how do you suggest we proceed?" He drops his hair, the mist dissipating. He turns again to face Laurent, running a hand to straighten his locks. "There are a variety of methods, though I, as you well know, believe heavily in cooperation."

Laurent can hear Celestino's words clear under the water but is not rising from the embrace of the ocean just yet. Spiraling through the waves for a while longer, he finally surges back to the surface. "If I didn't know your parents, I'd be sure that you were not a true Aerandiri," Laurent says without sounding out breath and pulls himself back on to the plank. His gills open and close steadily while he shakes off myriads of droplets. He picks up his white coat, brushes it off (despite the fact that it was not dirty in the least bit) and slips his petite figure into it. Pulling out his long hair from underneath and collecting it into a ponytail, he looks up at Celestino with blinking eyes. "I have been given the coordinates of Bastian's location so we can take off whenever you deem the time fit. He will not go willingly and as we both know, I'm not a fighter by any means. I expect you to step up as usual. Of course, any negotiation will be handled on my part.”

"Our childhood bears little consequence to this situation, Laurent. Regardless I daresay we'd have the idling opportunity required for me to fully undress for a nostalgic dip." He smiles charmingly, moving a finger to brush the spray from his coat. "I would suggest we take our leave in no less than a pair of evenings. I shall prepare a binding in the meantime. It may prove useful to rest, Laurent, lest your health become ill at ease.
Though your words may be your greatest strength, my abilities are all but petty magic tricks should you garner my concern." The pair remain silent for a short moment, their eyes, though gazing into the blue, are more concerned with their own reflections.
"Perhaps when this is all over…I could be persuaded for a swim in the Northern Bay. It has certainly been a while." Celestino bows his head in reverence before subtly winking and turning to walk back towards inland, his footsteps lost amidst the birdsong and waves.

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