Requiem I

The Keep of Lo'kier is thrown into shambles and disarray, her knights abandoning the Keep and the King and Queen's desertion of the Castle gave rise to more rumor and hearsays of ancient curses revived deep down in Lo'kier depths.

The sudden disappearance of Rowanne left Falennt bewildered and upset, but he kept this hurt secretly, burying himself in his tomes and books, uncaring about the strange whispers and hauntings that grow daily in Lo'kier. One night, he left the gates on his way back to Shadowport - where he witnessed the gory spectacle of Noirin's daughter being cursed alive and driven into mad insanity by a ghostly minion of Set, the dead god formerly vanquished by the first Knights of the Azure Rose. The scene was enough to shock him; and coupled with the growing wish to see Rowanne back safe within the towers and walls, he begin to secretly ward the castle against the hauntings, using whatever resources he could pool together, to keep it there so that she will come back to it in its former glory.

Yet, Falennt knows that his work would be done in avail; with no one left in Lo'kier to guide - he reluctantly takes on the responsibility; urging her citizens and those without magic or power to leave the Keep so thus to prevent the insanity from griping them. Even as people left, new ones decide to join - and amongst them Aeriana Whitefang, a girl who possesses the ability of seeing into the dreaming plane, whom he met and brings her under his tutelage as his first apprentice in the Circle of Sorcere.

The Elder Vampire Braiden, long gone from Lo'kier, returns finally to the Keep, and witnessed by Falennt. Worn and weary though, but still imbued with his former power, the vampire finally slays the traitor Vanelorne, though it helps little with the current situation of Lo'kier.

Falennt receives missive from Rowanne finally one night and the King and her whereabouts are revealed to him. He leaves Lo'Kier, venturing for the Eastern Deserts where her camp is.

After his final visit to Rowanne, Falennt does not return to Lo'Kier immediately. Instead, he takes refuge in Shadowport, mulling over his books and tomes, but moreoft trying to heal the grief in his heart over her situation and that he will never see her again, that she will die. On one of his usual evening tavern visits in the City, he comes across a young woman by the name of Talaria. Her cryptic demeanour does not seem to unnerve him however and they engage in light conversation before he decides to leave. A few days later, she comes to seek him out, and they speak upon the catwalks. A few days later, Talaria appears at the Waterlily, with a request which he promptly hears out and implements his own solution about it.

Falennt returns to Lo'Kier and pens a missive about the King and Queen's situation to the Keep. He is at once questioned by the members of the Keep; many worried and concerned as the severity of the curse Lo'Kier is facing descends upon them. Tired but still driven by the last wish to see the citizens safe and believing Rowanne would want him to do thus, Falennt continues to ward the castle. On another one of his rounds through the castle, he meets Amaia - a young girl sent to Lo'Kier under mysterious circumstances. Not exactly happy that someone with her ability is allowed to move carefree and without guidance about the Keep, he apprentices her, bringing the girl down to the Sanctum where he could train her better.

Almost in tune following with his mentor, Lady Rowanne's tradition, Falennt takes another apprentice - Ilsankin Ss'jelda, a drow maid. She is allowed into the Sanctum; where he believed somehow her knowledge of demons and their ilk might help him in unravelling the curses that threaten the Castle.

Nights and days are spent in thought and hard study in the Sorcere's chambers as Falennt sought to find an understanding to the insanity slowing spreading through Lo'Kier. One evening, he finally leaves his Sanctum for the Keep's herb garden for a short trip to gather lavender to steep his tea with, and instead discovering a desperate Shaiel attempting to bury a secret in the garden. He questions her and discovers what she is trying to do.

Shaiel is apprenticed and allowed into the Sanctum where she might keep her secret in safety. One night, she comes to the Archmage, asking for the vial. However, Falennt has other plans for the vial she carried and which he confiscated. The next evening, he sets the final of the wards around the castle before departing for Eldestra to seek out the Speaker Amalia whom Shaiel mentioned.

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