Broken Dreams


(with the knowledge he holds of the dark lords plans for the heruk,
Kuah moves to hide the one elf he fears losing…)

Celandra glides down the path carrying Vernese and glances at Kuah,
unsure of what she is about to do.

Kuah stands near the edge of the stream, he quickly turns his head
to brush the braids out of his face showing no emotion of any kind.
Kuah says to Celandra, 'I am.. pleased my message was answered.'
Kuah says to Celandra, 'I had almost given up on waiting out here
in these… woods.'

Celandra sets down the body at the base of a tree and
frowns, 'I'm not sure I want to do this.'

Kuah takes a few steps slowly towards the body and gives it a long
look, 'She would be safer with me… even after all that has passed.'

Kuah says to Celandra, 'There is much more trouble than even… I
could dream for the heruk of this island.'

Kuah says '…and it is coming soon.'

Celandra straightens up and whirls around to look at Kuah, trying to
hide her fear at being so close to the Olog'hai.

Kuah looks at Celandra, rubbing the scar on his chin and
neck, 'I know you have no reason to trust me… but I am sure I can
awaken her from this sleep and… keep her ever safe.'

Kuah says to Celandra, 'The child… I'm sure you remember is the key.'

Celandra steps in front of the body and puts her hands on her hips,
her voice soft, 'Kuah, I am only turning her over to you because I
know you won't harm her.'

Kuah walks back to the stream and kneels to take a few drinks, showing
no fear in turning his back.

Celandra says 'She is probably safer with you… not even able to
defend herself… but still'

Kuah keeps his back turned to Celandra, 'You would be the only heruk
in these woods to say so.'

Kuah stands and turns around slowly.
Kuah says 'There has been many changes in the realms… I know of
greater evils to come still.'

Graem trips over something in the path as he enters. He shakes his
head as he picks himself up off the ground, not noticing the
others until he looks up.

Asurmen walks in from the east.
Asurmen bows deeply.

Celandra sighs softly and turns to look at Graem.

Kuah takes a step back and steps into the stream.

Celandra glances at the newcomer, then at Kuah.

Kuah keeps his eyes on Celndra not sure of what to say or do.

Graem notices Celandra first, 'Celandra,' he says in amazement, 'You're back!'

Vernese 's hair blows softly in the wind.

Asurmen pauses and looks around 'Am I intruding on anything?'

Kuah says 'I had forgotten how frequent these trails are used.'

Celandra glances nervously at Graem and the new Elf, a worried look on
her face.

Graem he smiles, happy to see his sister again, but the smile quickly
leaves his face as his gaze moves toward Kuah, "What are you doing here?"

Kuah says 'I know it makes no difference, but I am not here for any political
or even… personal trouble.'

Kuah says 'I just came to pick up a… package and leave.'

Asurmen says 'A package?'

Celandra turns and suddenly picks up the small comatose mage. Walking over
to the Olog'hai, she places Vernese in his arms.

Graem doesn't even seem to notice Asuremen now, as he looks at the comotose
Vernese, "What are you doing?"

Kuah holds the body and looks long at the face. He continues to look at the
ever sleeping Vernese and speaks, 'She will be much safer with… me.'

Vernese 's head flops lightly against Kuah's chest, but there is no other
movement from her.

Kuah takes a small step back deeper into the stream and looks towards
Celandra, 'I will keep in touch… and I vow to notify the heruk of this
island of any movement from the… dark lord.

Graem runs a had through his glaring at Kuah, "I fail to see how."

Celandra turns and looks at her brother, 'Graem….. I am giving Vernese
over to Kuah for safe keeping.'

Graem looks baffled, "Safe keeping?!? He'll kill her…It's his fault she's
in the condition she's in anyway."

Kuah says to Graem, 'Please… understand, I can… I can wake her.'

Celandra shakes her head at Graem, eyeing the other Elf waryily, unsure on
if he'll interefere in what she is doing.

Graem raises an eyebrow, "Even if you, and will, what are you going to do
with her after that? Give her back?"

Kuah stands still in the stream, 'Graem I can understand the visions you
have of me. They are by right fair because
of our… past. But know this heruk, I will
not bring harm to her.

Graem looks at Celandra, "How can you trust him after what he did to you?"

Vernese's eyes flutter as a small amount of lighting races over her chest as
the two magics in the mage continue the battle for control of her.

Kuah looks at the face of Vernese, 'When she is… awoke… and the danger
of Grishnakh has passed, I will let her
make her own… choices.'

Graem looks from Celandra to Kuah, and back again, "Are you sure he can be trusted?
I don't want her to have to go
through what you did."

Kuah almost places a grin on his face, being reminded of the time Celandra was
captive in T'Man, 'I still look back and wonder who was the… tortured.'

Celandra can't help but chuckle at Kuah's words and glances over at Graem.

Celandra sighs softly, 'Kuah, you know how she feels about you… what if
she still feels the same?'

Kuah looks at Celandra with braids falling over his face hiding his
expressions in shadow. 'I am not sure what she will feel, once she is awake.
I can not even imagine the… state she has been in all
this time.'

Celandra moves over to her brother, her eyes on the new Elf, 'Graem, Kuah wouldn't
hurt Vernese.'
Celandra chuckles at Kuah's words and turns to look at him, 'Her feelings towards
you won't change.'

Graem 's look darkens, "I know you won't just let her come back, Kuah… You may
say you will, and even act like you're letting her choose
or whatever when the time comes, but you always have an
ulterior motive…"

Kuah almost whispers, 'I am not sure what motive I could have with righting a wrong.'

Kuah says 'I could let her stay in this stae and die with the rest of you heruk.
I know what plans are in store. I have SEEN the power of this dark lord…
but I owe her this much.'

Celandra walks slowly towards the large Olog'hai chieftan and brushes a strand of
Vernese's hair from her face, 'Kuah, what will you do if her feelings aren't changed?'

Vernese shifts slightly and then is still again.

Kuah looks at Celandra through the braids hanging over his
face, 'I could say I am… guilty of trying to ignore her feelings before. They
almost seemed in the way… I will tell you this much… When I first met
her, I was sent to kill her… so long ago.

Graem shifts his wieght uncomfortabley and turns toward his
sister, "You seem pretty sure this is the best thing for her…"

Kuah shakes the braids from his face and looks down at the body in
his arms '…But many things and… even Olog'hai… change.'

Celandra takes a step back, but knows it is to late to get Vernese
from Kuah, 'I"m not sure Graem, but I can think of nothing else.

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Kuah says to Celandra, 'Fear not heruk, she will awaken again, or I
will… die… trying.'

Celandra suddenly glides over to the silent and unknown
Elf, 'Kuah, what about her son…. the both of you mean so much to
her… would you hurt her again in keeping her son from her?'

Graem sighs, 'You were gone for so long…and the best thing you could find
to help her is give her to him?'

Graem shakes his head, 'I still don't see how this can help her.'

Kuah says to Celandra, 'You are speaking of the bastard heruk she took in?
I have no… need for him once she is standing again
if he brings her joy.. then I may well envy him.'

Celandra spins around violently, her eyes filled with tears, 'What would you have me
do, Brother?'
Celandra says 'There is nothing anyone in Arborlon can do for her. Kuah has Lommehin….''

Kuah's voice gest deep and powerful, 'Tell him… tell him of all the empty clues you
found on your trek!, Tell him how every book, wiseman
and even towndrunk could come up with no answer!'

Kuah says 'I know what is wrong with her.'
Kuah says 'I was there…'

Vernese shivers slightly and seems to almost snuggle up to Kuah.

Graem lets out a deep sigh, 'Didn't he take Lommehin to get her in the first place?'

Kuah says 'I knew of the kidnapping.'
Kuah says 'The child means little to me.'

Celandra looks over at Kuah, letting the tears slide down her
face, 'I don't know, Graem… it has to do with the orb…'

Kuah starts to turn from the stream with the body in his arms.
Kuah says 'I have no doubt, you will hear her… voice as she runs to the
gates of your damned Arborlon.'

Kuah starts walking away from the clearing, stopping to look back at the elves.

Celandra watches Kuah, 'Kuah, what if she doens't want to come back?'

Kuah ignores the question and walks off.


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