Braiden's Return

A Castle on a Hill
A huge stone castle has been built directly into the side of themountain, a man-made moat surrounding it. The gates, solidly builtare made of iron wrought hardwood. The stone walls of the castle tower above you, giving you a feeling of insignificance. There are arrow slits in the barbican above and scattered along the sides of the towers to either side of the gate. The castle seems to be able to withstand an attack by even the most determined of foes. A small wooden gate to the west leads to the stables where one can stable their horses until needed.
Exits: south west northeast southeast southwest
A sentry stands alert at his post.

(Hide) Braiden Crimsone, Elder Vampire is hovering here.
Rosea Na'sheta is standing here.

Falennt, cloaked and hooded, sits upon the parapet of the moat's wall, watching the darkness beyond musingly. The night is cold, and he needed to be out, for some reason or naught.
A subtle haze slinks over the ground towards the castle gates. The mist slowly begins to swirl as if touched by a strong wind until it takes the vague shape of a man. With a sudden, soundless concussion to the air, a dark skinned figure emerges from the already dispersing mist. His eyes blaze crimson, alighting the ground before him for several moments before they fade to a dull glow. [Braiden]

Falennt's head drifts up slightly, narrowing his eyes. He draws his cloak a little closer, perhaps just observing that odd mist and the figure who stepped from it.

Braiden steps forward into the range of the guards, snarling at them as they begin to move toward him. The two terrified looking men back away slightly, one yelling back for reinforcments until the figure moves into the light of several torches and revealing his identity.

Falennt folds down his thick hood, glancing upwards. He looks a trickle amused as he stands up. 'So you have come back?' He asks, cloak falling around his frame in thick, loose folds.

Braiden stands stiffly, illuminated by the flickering light of the torches. He seems drenched through and through as if in a torrential rain though the night is very clear, "Vendui, Falennt." The guards take a closer look, one failing to stop a gasp and the other forgetting to hide his look of terror.

Falennt tilts his head, 'And good evening, Braiden.' He glances towards the two guards, not at all bothered with their fear of, well, whatever they see. The sea-elf's slitted eyes blink a little.

Dripping from his fingertips, chin and practically everywhere else on his body is blood, though he seems quite unhurt save for some deep, healed gouges in his neck. Looking up at the night sky, he grins, "Yes, it is rather nice to see the sky again."

Falennt sighs slightly, walking towards the guards, obviously terrified, petrifed perhaps. 'I am sure of that.' He lifts up a single glance to the night sky and at the human guards again, 'Though there's no need for this. Flicking his fingers across each guard's face, Falennt murmurs something under his breath as he does. The guards' terrified faces fall blank and they whimper a little before moving aside.

Braiden stares dreamily at the sky, breathing in and out slowly, "Hmm? No need for what?"

Falennt sighs, shifting his booted feet slightly, 'No need to scare the men, they have enough to worry about, with his Majesty gone.' He watches the guards for a moment before turning, his cloak flaring out with the motion.

Braiden comes out of his stupor rather abruptly and glares at the castle gates as if they themselves had just said something particularly offensive, "What is going on here?"

Falennt links his fingers together, crumpling the leather of his gloves, 'What is going on? The entire castle shakes upon her foundations, wondering /what/ is going on.' He quirks a silvery eyebrow up, his eyes dilating to its slitted gaze again.

"Gone? Where has he gone?" his voice rises and his eyes blaze to life once more as his temper begins to heat once more, "He has left the castle in this state!?" His last statement comes through almost ferally sending rodents scattering and horses to screaming in the stables.

Braiden seethes in barely contained rage, the effort of controlling himself etched across his face and carried in his strained voice, "I've been imprisoned all this time…and not a single person came for me. Now I understand why…"

Shrugging his shoulders coldly, Falennt watches the animals scatter at the vampire's wrath, 'As I said, there is no need for all that.' Animals, anyway, bah. He takes a long glance at the silent stones of the Keep's gates and walls, 'If we /have/ anyone able to free themselves from here to come for you.'

Braiden directs his heated gaze higher up the walls, "This place stinks of enemy magic…" Slowly, the Elder turns around, looking at the surrounding hills, "It's spreading as well…Falennt, what is being done to stop it?"

One gloved hand lifts to wave against the walls, 'Possibly with the eradication of a singularly named person, perhaps. Though it is unwise to speak of his name right out here. The wind carries a thousand ears.'

Braiden fixes his eyes on Falennt's and speaks to his mind, not even bothering to ask permission nor to question whether he has the capacity to understand it, 'Then speak it here, I have fallen behind in my work.'

Falennt turns towards the Elder, 'As for my part, ever since my mother has left, and in her wake, the powers of her scrolls and books, I have daily kept up wards and protections to avoid this named one's invasion.' He eyes Braiden tiredly. 'You do not know, he has even the power to strip words from our minds.' Falennt's voice hisses searingly into the Elder's as he draws up his hood, obscuring his features.

Braiden snarls and storms through the castle doors, the noise of his arrival echoing the silent entrance hall, "This is unacceptable!" Turning suddenly on his heel, he stares at Falennt for a long moment, "What do you know of planar transportation?"

Another weary look passes across Falennt's face, 'And tell me, Elder, you are not thinking of shifting the entire castle to somewhere else? Or have you better plans in mind?'

"I merely wish your aid in retrieving my armor. I had to Send it when I was captured," he says brusqely, "and for your knowledge, the castle cannot be shifted, especially in the condition it's in."

The gate creaks open almost silently and a foot snakes out into the night air, followed closely by a leg and then an entire body creeps out of the sleeping keep

Falennt's hooded head moves slighty as if laughing, 'Fine if you say so. I would had shifted the castle myself. She is not exactly in a wearied state. If you intend to battle, I do not…wish to see the grounds crumble beneath your powers.' The sea-elf finishes, a half-curl of a grin on his lips.

Rosea walks out of the the gate, closing it silently behind her before turning around and gasping in surprise at the two figures before her.

Having calmed considerably, the elder rips his blood soaked shirt from his back and tosses it aside. Immediately, his eyes snap to the female and in the blink of an eye, he is behind her and lifting her by the back of her neck, "Who are you!?" [

Falennt eyes Braiden rather tiredly, shrugging his lean shoulders. He casts a glance at Rosea, noting her response before looking at Braiden, 'As I said, there's no need for all these…drama.'

Rosea lifts an eyebrow at the display and walks forward, looking over the injured drow, saying "I am Rosea, Matron of the Seventh House of Iniquity. And who might you be?"

Pointedly ignoring the little fiasco, Falennt draws out his hands again, scribing the glowing glyhs into the air as he resets the wards for the castle's protection.

Braiden's claws dig slightly into her flesh, then, he releases her, "You…what are you doing creeping about?"

Falennt licks his lips a little, hooded head turning towards the pair after he finishes the nightly ritual of setting the protective wards as Rowanne had taught years ago, 'She's of the Keep.'

Rosea stumbles slight before catching her balance and turning to glare at the drow "There is no crime for sneaking out of your home, is there?"

Braiden turns quickly away, losing interest once he knows there is no threat from the female for the moment, "Very well then. Come here please Falennt. I need your help. I am still weak."

Falennt strides towards the pair, drawing in a low breath. 'Very well, if you decided to stop wasting your time.' He glances coldly at the drow, his eyes dilating again before walking near to Braiden, 'And what is that you wish to do?'

Braiden pulls a small dagger from his belt and holds it toward Falennt, "I need only a drop of your blood."

Falennt's eyes narrow, his silver-slitted irises displaying a frown within, 'And for what purpose do you wish my vitae for, Elder?' He asks sharply.

Rosea frowns at being thrust aside by the male, crossing her arms in front of her and watching the pair before her.

Braiden glances at the female and sighs, "I loathe admitting this before someone I don't trust but very well. I've been starved for the last month and a half. I need the vitae of a spellcaster to call upon certain powers."

Rosea smirks at the display of a male admitting a weakness.

Falennt frowns again within the depths of his hood, 'I do not give that easy, Elder, my own blood is needed for the protection of the castle and her inhabitants and it is already weak, I cannot afford to release it.' He gives Rosea a overt look.

Braiden's brow twitches and he turns to the female, "I've just returned from being imprisones by your whore Vlasharess and her lackeys. I wouldn't do things that might upset me if I were you."

'Perhaps she might help you. I sense magic in her.' The sea-elf slips a glance at the drow, before stepping forward towards the female. 'Perhaps she would do to strengthen you.'

Rosea drops her hands to her daggers, suddenly alert to the change in the atmosphere, saying to Falennt "I wouldn't push my luck good sir."

Braiden grins maliciously at the female, Falennt's words obviously lifting his spirits, "Indeed? Ahh, yes you are quite correct." The Elder circles her slowly, like eyeing a piece of meat, "No, she is not strong enough. I will have to wait."

Falennt eyes Rosea most impatiently, 'Obviously, you do not know /who/ I am, nor do you know who he is.' He frowns, folding his arms into his cloak.

Rosea runs her gaze up and down Falennt, inspecting him "No indeed I do not nor do I really care."

Braiden smirks, "I'm already behind on my paperwork but I suppose I could spare the parchment to write an arrest order. What would you say," he turns to Falennt, "failure to live up to the code?"

Falennt's shoulders lift again in an amused shrug, 'You will care enough. The Queen Rowanne is my mother, alas she has gone. This should be /assuring/ you of my position here, 'arven, and the Elder is Lord Braiden, guardian to the Castle after the King himself. 'I would agree to that, Elder.' He smirks slightly, his hooded head shifting.

Rosea sighs heavily after Falennt's attempt to impress her, turning her back on him to face Braiden "I dare say that whatever paltry power the King has left you with, he would not like to return and see it abused/

Falennt flicks a glance to Braiden, 'Obviously she is not impressed, not appreciative of the efforts made to keep this Castle from collapsing. Punishment would be meted, at your favor, Elder.'

Braiden's smirk widens to a full grin again and he shakes his head, "Paltry? My dear, you sound subversive. With my witness here, I do believe no one would disagree with my order for discipline."

Braiden looks at Rosea.
Braiden looks at himself.

Falennt walks away from the pair again, checking the wards and making sure none slipped. He will leave the vampire to deal with the miscreant, the sea-elf himself has much more on his mind, then a …female drow.

Rosea growls low in her throat, her hands clenching into fists "You dare threaten me male?" she says, spitting out the last word as an insult.

Braiden sighs and shakes his head, "Off with you girl. I have more important things to worry about than a child no knowing her place. Falennt, is the circle still functioning?"

Falennt's head turns slightly, 'As long as the wards glow to your eyes and mine, the Circle is still within much power, and much usable, Elder.'

Braiden nods and folds his arms across his chest while he thinks, "I have no choice but to tap into it then…"Something finally registers in his mind and his eyes widen, "Falennt, your…mother?"

'And what about her?' An almost bitter longing laces into his voice, 'She's gone, together with his Majesty. Her power stays however, enough to keep this paltry place from collapsing.'

Braiden's arms fall to his sides and he stares at the sea elf, "I was unaware she had any children…" His voice trails off, obviously ready to let the subject drop.

Falennt waves dismissively at Braiden, before his dilated, dragon-like eyes fall onto Rosea, 'Perhaps the young one was right, about this paltry place and what ever there is left in these old stones.' He turns, cloak flaring out. 'Do you wish me to prepare her for your use? There's some rituals I do know… of enhancing magic in the body and blood.'

Rosea growls again at being dismissed, watching and waiting with uncharacteristic patience.

Braiden nods slowly, "I would be grateful Falennt. Afterward, I must rest and prepare. I must fight when I awake. Will you be standing with me when the time comes?"

Falennt nods slightly, 'Of course, Elder. If you wish for the support of my sorcery.' He looks over Rosea, almost in calculation of some-sort.

Rosea raises one white eyebrow, crossing her arms once again and glaring at Falennt.

Braiden nods, "Thank you, Falennt. I will of course remember those that stand by their oaths when we are victorious. Braiden glances about the quiet entrance hall and sighs, "Has anyone tried to claim power since they fled?"

The sea-elf's nod returns towards the Elder, absently, 'Indeed.' He quirks back a silvery eyebrow to Rosea, before lifting up his eyes to Braiden, 'Not /formally/ of course, nothing of armies striding right up to the gates. Perhaps, a rumor, a whisper…'

'After you have rested enough, Elder, you might be able to draw shadows to listen to what goes on within the halls.' Falennt suggests, his tone rather cold and flat.

Braiden nods and runs his fingers through his disheveled hair, "Yes, of course." He also cast a surreptitious glance to Rosea, "I thought I told you to run along."

Growing tired of the glances and of her good mood, she leaps soundlessly at Braiden, knocking his legs out from under him and laying him flat on his back, a bare dagger in her hands.

Falennt steps towards the doors to his Tower, eyeing each of the guards disapprovingly, and at the sound of the skirmish behind him, he shakes his head again.

Braiden smirks, "Now, I have to authority to take your head, " The words hang on the air as his form dissolves quite instantaneously to a fine scarlet mist that seems to fill the chamber. In a display of pure ego, he reforms suspended from the ceiling, "Attempted assassination of the Archmagus. Foolish indeed."

Flicking his fingers at the guards' faces, the men relaxes from their terrified grip earlier. Thinning his lips, Falennt rolls his eyes a little at the drow.

Rosea chuckles softly "If I had wanted you dead Archmagus, you would be."

Falennt strides right up the Tower, tucking his hands into his cloak. He has no time for foolish games the drow is trying to play, the Elder can deal with her. For now, he needs to find Rowanne's grimoires again.

Braiden laughs loudly and floats down from the ceiling, righting himself just before touching the ground, "You will be dealt with soon, wench. For now, I must rest."

Rosea stalks back to the keep, wrenching the gate open, forgetting her earlier task, almost spitting as she says "Wench? I shall not forget this day inferior male."

Braiden raises a hand toward Rosea and an unseen force grasps her by the neck, "This inferior male now holds complete control of your home." he hisses, "You, shall learn this lesson in the dungeons."

Rosea gasps for air, her ire increasing as she struggles to breathe.

Braiden's eyes fade from crimson to black, deepening in shade until they are darker than the surrounding skin. A sphere of crackling green light surrounds Rosea, beam of light extending from his hand to the sphere, looking quite like a leash.

Braiden turns and strides down the steps leading to the cellars, dragging the bubble behind him, pretending not to notice when it bounces off of objects in its way.

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